Nursing Philosophy: Personal Philosophy of Nursing

The Definition of Nursing

The official page of the American Nursing Association (ANA), defines nursing as the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, facilitation of healing, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations (What is Nursing, 2016, para. 1). This definition is accurate. It encompasses all aspects of the profession of a nurse, and it is based on famous definitions of nursing, provided by Virginia Henderson and Florence Nightingale, who is viewed as the founders of modern nursing.

My Personal Definition of Nursing

For me, nursing is all about helping people. There is something immensely gratifying in hearing a simple “Thank you” coming from a patient. I have always been a caring person. I want to provide care and help to those who need it the most. “Caring is the essence of nursing” – this quote belongs to Jean Watson, and it is my motto (Watson, 2011, para. 1). I am not going to let harsh realities grind down my determination and my desire to help others. Many have become apathetic from seeing so much pain and suffering, but I will not. I will strive to give my attention and care to every patient in need, no matter how many of them there are. I must always do my best and act with professionalism and care, regardless of the situation. I am entrusted with other peoples’ lives, after all.

The Four Pillars of Nursing

The philosophy of many medical institutes in the world rests on four pillars – four major domains of nursing. Those pillars are identified as Person, Environment, Health, and Nursing (Mission and Philosophy, 2016). The first pillar recognizes any human being as an integral part of our society. Any human possesses complex feelings and thoughts, which must be respected at all times. Every person is unique, and his or her life has inherent value. All patients have rights. Their gender, race, or place of birth does not matter. The second pillar acknowledges the influence of the environment. It could turn the healing process for better, or for worse. However, the word “environment” means more than simply physical surroundings. It considers political, economic, ethical, and psychological realms. The third pillar is Health. It defines both the physical and the emotional state of the patient. The patient’s health can change, due to internal or external influence. Nursing is the fourth pillar, and it defines the tasks and responsibilities of a nurse. The nurse has to use all scientific and medical knowledge available to promote health, fight and prevent diseases, and provide medical care in a proper and accepted manner, whenever it is required (Nursing Philosophy, 2016).

All four domains are interconnected. The patient will be influenced by his surroundings, the state of his or her health, and the treatment received from the nurse. The environment also has an influence on the other three pillars. Economic factors, society, ethics and morals, and the psychological environment equally influence both the patient and the nurse. The patient’s health relies on many factors. The quality of medical care plays a major part, as does the surrounding environment. However, a treatment’s effectiveness depends on the patient as well. The patients have to do everything in their power to assist in their own recovery. The quality and effectiveness of nursing largely depend on the dutifulness, knowledge, and skill of a particular nurse. However, many other factors have a great influence on it, ranging from the state the hospital is in, to the severity of the patient’s condition, to the patient’s own attitude about his or her own health. A nurse must take all of these factors into account, and perform as efficiently as possible.

The Future Potential of Nursing

As I look into the future, I see the art of nursing becoming even more sophisticated than it is now. Medical science is progressing quickly, and nurses must be trained to operate all types of advanced medical equipment that might appear in the future. I hope that future nurses will be applying for the job because they have the heart for it, and not because of the paycheck. Nursing, much more than any other profession, requires true interest and dedication.

As a nurse, I expect to face many challenges in the line of duty, on both the physical and psychological levels. I understand that not every patient I will be treating will come to the hospital in need of a flu shot. I will face grim and terrible things. I will see a lot of pain, a lot of suffering. I am ready for it. I will be there for my patients, and I will give them hope, even if nobody else would. As long as I am healthy and apt, I will help those who are not.

I am always looking to improve myself and grow both as a person and as a specialist. To develop myself as a professional, I am looking to expand my knowledge in areas of medicine related to my job as a nurse. I am going to become better at what I do by getting more hands-on experience. After that, I plan to get an advanced degree in a particular area. My decision will be made based on what area requires more skillful specialists at the moment. By getting an advanced degree and expanding my knowledge and skills, I will be able to help my patients more professionally and effectively.


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