Florence Nightingale’s Philosophy of Nursing

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Florence Nightingale’s integral vision of nursing has inspired many intellectuals to advance theory and practice to achieve the best outcomes for patients’ health. Her global views on human health today are imbued with the United Nations and its Millennium Declaration that proposes the improvement of health and well-being of people around the world. Therefore, it is paramount to review once more how Nightingale’s vision is mirrored in Millennium Goals.

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The Influence of Nightingale’s Legacy on My perception of the Millennium Goals

In my view, Millennium Goals set by the UN represent the ultimate goals of humanity in its aspiration to a healthy and prosperous life for the world. There seems to be nothing more inspiring than such brave and all-encompassing aims. Together with this great ambition, I see the tremendous complexity that could only be overcome by the combined effort of each individual. The life and work of Florence Nightingale show that even one person can change the world for the better (Beck, Dossey, & Rushton, 2011). Given that, I cannot help but imagine the greatness of achievement that a hundred or thousand people could make if they had the same passion and determination. Nightingale’s legacy in the context of Millennium Goals seems to inspire those who are scared by the volume of work one has to do to fulfill them.

The Millennium Goals I Can Advance as a Nurse

As a nurse, I can also contribute to achieving several millennium goals. Nurses are by default equipped to help improve the health and well-being of the people who need it. The fourth Millennium Goal is to reduce mortality rates among children (UN, 2015). I can help by educating young mothers about the benefits of childhood vaccination. Some parents are often against it because they think it is dangerous. I can use all my persuasion to help them understand that it, in fact, saves their and other children. Another goal is improving maternal health (UN, 2015). I can help women at the final stages of pregnancy by educating them on possible mental issues they may encounter several months after giving birth. To my mind, providing them and their husbands with necessary information beforehand could positively influence maternal health.

Battling sexually transmitted diseases is another goal that I can help with. My role would be to partake in hospital activities aimed at the prevention of HIV/AIDS among patients. I can cooperate with my colleagues to design a few brochures about such diseases and distribute them in our clinic.

Examples of Nursing Community Advancing UN Goals

Our hospital nursing community could greatly advance UN goals both collectively and individually mostly by continuing to perform our daily duties and continuously enhancing our skills. Employing evidence-based practice in our job will help improve patient health outcomes, which will be a valuable contribution to the Millennium goals that target health and well-being. In addition, we could collaborate within our nursing community, sharpening our skills and advancing our knowledge through the friendly exchange. It would benefit us as professionals and patients as receivers of our services.


All things considered, Nightingale’s spirit still lives in the UN’s Millennium Goals and serves as a reminder of the importance of personal commitment and zeal. Each nurse, including myself, should do what is within their powers to advance healthy practices among their patients through quality education. Apart from doing their job, the nursing community and each nurse in it should implement EBP in their work and collaborate on knowledge exchange in order to grow professionally while becoming more effective at helping people improve their health and well-being.


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