Mayo Clinic Organizational Culture and Climate


Organizational culture refers to values, practices, expectations, and principles that guide the employees in handling activities within the organization. On the other hand, organization climate is the professional element that influences employee performance within an organization. The relation between the organization culture and climate is that organization climate determines whether the organization culture, such as organizational values, practices, expectations, and principles, will be achieved through the individual employees’ efforts. Company assessment helps firms spot their strengths and opportunities, which is vital for their growth. It becomes easier for a company to improve after knowing its weakness and capabilities; this allows it to expand its opportunities while maintaining its strong point.

Mayo Clinic hospital is the institution to be analyzed, and the information was acquired from trusted top management and nurses. It is a nonprofit American medical academic health center concentrated in medical research, offering public health education and ensuring better health care services (Enders et al., 2021). Physical environment, environmental safety, social environment, professional and personal support, and organizational communication will form the company analysis components of this paper. These components are critical when conducting organizational analysis since they directly influence employees’ performance, which affects the company’s performance.

Organizational Culture and Climate Analysis

Mayo Clinic has remained focused on treating patients with serious ailments with over sixty-five thousand employees. The company is ranked one of the best hospitals in the United States through news and world report (Enders et al., 2021). It has comfortable beds for the patients and cool offices furniture for its employees. It has spacious thirty-seven operating rooms and seven hundred and ninety-four licensed beds. The institution also offers various services such as radiation oncology, women’s cancer programs, transplant services, dermatological complication, and other health problems (Mayo Clinic, 2019). The organization has availed all the machines needed for these services meaning that the physical environment motivates the employees to work and achieve the firm’s objectives. The company provides training and coaching services to its employees to provide better services to their patients.

Mayo also provides promotion opportunities to its employees as a way of motivating them to work hard. The talent development goal is attained by universal recruitment where there is no racial or regional discrimination in treating patients or recruiting (Enders et al., 2021). The company has installed 180 feedback systems that help the organization in receiving complaints and compliments from both patients and employees, thereby assisting the hospital in developing its services. In the social interactions, the company uses nudges to discourage bad behaviors among the employees, and it includes three hundred and sixty reviews collecting concerning a given employee (Enders et al., 2021). In the case of positive reviews, the employee gets promoted, but in the case of negative reviews, the employee gets penalized; this is a way of promoting positive behaviors among the employees.

Mayo Clinic hospital, like any other organization, has its mission, vision, and objectives. The company’s mission is to contribute to well-being and hopes inspiration by enhancing integrated clinical practices, education, and research to provide better health services to patients. Mayo’s vision is to provide unparalleled experience health care services to the public as the most trusted health care partner. Conversely, the company’s value prioritizes the patients’ needs the most (Enders et al., 2021). Its objectives have been caring with awareness, talent development, health equity pursuance, opportunities balancing, welcoming all patients, and diversified treatment. Caring with awareness refers to creating a favorable health care environment for all patients, high-quality and culturally accepted health care services to the patients. Diversified health care means the institution is open to treating different populations, thus helping it to grow its research scopes. Similarly, welcoming to all insinuates that the company neither discriminates against its employees nor patients. Talent development focuses on bringing talents from the minor in the community, and this objective is almost similar to opportunity balancing, which addresses giving the minor and women a chance to serve in the community.

Mayo Clinic hospital has many services that many hospitals have not yet thought of offering. The hospital offers Vestibular Rehabilitation Unit, Women’s Cancer Program, Colonoscopy Unit, gynecology, and obstetrics services (Mayo Clinic, 2019). Most of these services need huge funds to purchase and qualified human resources to operate them. It is a strength that Mayo Clinic has the required financial muscles to buy such equipment. Standing opportunity is wining better and most qualified physicians globally who will offer the needed services to help the organization meet its objectives. Finding the best employees’ opportunity arises because the Mayo Clinic is already one of the best hospitals in the United States. The company has a positive climate reflective of culture, and this is due to coaching, training, and promoting services offered in the organization (Kennedy, 2019). Coaching is helpful for new employees to adopt Mayo culture; training assists them in delivering the expected health care services, while promotion motivates employees to work harder.

Environment Capacity

Mayo Clinic has a positive environment capacity because the management provides the physicians with the required equipment to deliver quality healthcare services. They go to the extent of coaching, training, and promoting employees purposely to help them adapt to Mayo’s culture, boost their competence, and motivate them. The 180 feedback systems also provide employees with a chance to communicate their discomforts at the workplace (Enders et al., 2021). Similarly, Mayo Clinic recruits all races and treats all sorts of humans, and coaches the employees to better cope with the challenging situations at Mayo Clinic. These 180 communication systems, non-discrimination recruitment, and coping up coaching will attract newly visiting potential employees to work with Mayo Clinic (Enders et al., 2021). The roles of nurse leaders include communicating the organization’s mission, vision, and objectives to the employees, creating a favorable work environment for other nurses, staff management, coaching and training other nurses at Mayo Clinic. They also develop staff management principles such as ways of maintaining positive values such as the nudge principle.


The first opportunity was that the company stands a better chance of winning highly qualified employees since it is already one of the best hospitals in the United States. The opportunity for improvement here is talent management through motivation, which includes offering promotion services to the employees, recognition, and rewards for better-performing employees. Timely and clear communication and better compensations to employees are other strategies for opportunity improvement (Krishnan & Scullion, 2017). Secondly, the company offers unique and complex medical services enabling it to attract many clients. Mayo can improve this opportunity by formulating more customer-friendly policies to continue attracting more clients, thus making this institution the best globally, not only in the United States. Aligning personal leadership profile and organization culture and climate enhances organizational performance. It prevents clashing of personal and company goals, thus helping in the faster accomplishment of company objectives (Madan & Jain, 2017). Coaching and training are the best ways to ensure this type of alignment within the organization.


Organizational culture and climate remain essential factors for an organization to attain its goals. The paper has explained how Mayo Clinic has been using to ensure a better physical environment, environmental safety, social environment, organizational professional and personal support, organizational communication to meet its goals. The paper has also identified the Mayo Clinic’s strengths and opportunities and better ways of improving these opportunities.


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