Informatics Use in Modern Health Care

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The use of technology in nursing is one of the key elements of the successful provision of care. Meaningful use is one of the incentives aimed at making technology integration successful and efficient. The meaningful use incentive presupposes the use of a certified EHR (electronic health record) by hospitals and eligible professionals aimed at meeting particular goals (Gelinas, 2015). The goals to be met include improvement of quality, efficiency, safety, coordination, as well as public health, engagement of patients and their families, maintenance of security and privacy of patients’ data. The participants who will meet the goals will receive a significant monetary reward.

It is necessary to note that the incentive has evoked quite mixed feelings as some professionals fear that meaningful use is another unhelpful requirement that reduces the time they can spend fulfilling their tasks. Nevertheless, meaningful use can help healthcare professionals integrate efficient EHR into their daily routines and improve patient health outcomes and the quality of the provided healthcare services. It is important to pay specific attention to several areas.

For instance, staff acceptance is an important issue to address as it is vital to inspire and encourage healthcare professionals to use the EHR. Otherwise, they will not use the system to the fullest, which will affect the results. It is also necessary to make sure that errors will be analyzed and the corresponding training will be provided, which will enable professionals to use technology effectively. Finally, it is essential to make sure that professionals will have access to all the necessary data, which is important for decision-making. It is also important to use the systems that operate the most relevant information.


Nursing informatics has become an indispensable part of modern health care. It enables nursing professionals to share information effectively, which is associated with better patient health outcomes and positively affects public health (Francis, 2017). As to my workplace environment, nursing informatics has led to significant improvements, but many healthcare professionals still have difficulties using the systems available. Errors in records are still quite common, but they are mainly due to the lack of training and excessive workload. I believe nursing informatics can help nurses efficiently provide care as proper information management is essential for proper treatment.

Any person has seen a lot of types of biomedical equipment. Nurses often use or can see other people using various biomedical tools. I would like to mention the use of the EKG. This device is often seen as one of the most common tools that seem to be easy to use and quite basic. However, I often see healthcare professionals using this device, and I believe it is a complex and responsible task. The latest models help healthcare professionals identify the necessary data and even analyze the available information. This comprehensive approach is instrumental in making effective decisions.

At the same time, people still need to take into account various aspects and factors to make the right decision. Many people already forgot the times when biomedical equipment (even such basic as EKG) was hard to use. The use of modern models of EKG helps healthcare professionals identify possible health issues that can and should be addressed. The vital information obtained with the help of the tool mentioned above helps professionals to develop treatment plans, come up with diagnoses and medication. I believe this device will come more integrated into the information systems used by healthcare facilities.


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