How Coronavirus Impacts Recruitment and Selection

It is impossible to find a sphere of human life that has not been influenced by a coronavirus. Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed how people live and work. That is why it is not a surprise that the pandemic has substantially impacted the field of Human Resources, in general, and that of recruitment and selection, in particular. This sphere has already changed to meet the challenges of the new world. That is why the principal purpose of this paper is to address Scott Steinberg’s news article that explains how coronavirus has altered the way of how recruiters find and select new employees.

To begin with, one should present the content of the article under consideration. Its main message is that coronavirus has facilitated the use of modern technology in hiring. Even though the pandemic has paralyzed numerous economic sectors, technology, telecom, and health care fields still deal with mass hiring (Steinberg). It means that they should do their best to address the current challenges adequately. The information below will explain how this new world order has impacted the area of recruitment and selection.

On the one hand, recruiters have started relying on social media more heavily. While various companies used Facebook, LinkedIn, and others to find and select candidates, this method has become widespread because of the pandemic (Steinberg). This approach is useful because these social media resources are universally used and provide a link between a business and a candidate. A few messages can be sufficient for recruiters to determine whether a candidate fits their requirements. Furthermore, the increased popularity of this type of communication has resulted in the fact that companies need a way to facilitate the process. That is why some of them interact with AI-driven tools, including software programs and chatbots (Steinberg). These applications can ask questions and assess candidates’ answers to select the most suitable individuals.

On the other hand, the information above does not mean that businesses are only relying on messaging. Real-life communication is another significant way of dealing with recruiting and selecting. Firstly, it relates to traditional phone calls that are used by more than 50% of recruiters (Steinberg). This strategy also allows companies to analyze candidates’ communication skills that can be significant for many jobs. Secondly, modern technology makes it possible for recruiters to benefit from video interviews. In this case, it is reasonable to draw attention to appropriate software programs, including Zoom, Google Hangouts, Houseparty, and others (Steinberg). Since it is difficult to organize a personal meeting because of the quarantine, these applications offer an adequate solution to the problem.

In conclusion, this paper has demonstrated that the Covid-19 pandemic significantly changed the business world. The imposed limitations have resulted in the fact that companies should find a way of how to meet the current challenges. It primarily refers to selecting and recruiting candidates, because this process should be altered radically because of the quarantine. Thus, Scott Steinberg’s news article addresses the given situation and admits that there are possible solutions. They include the use of social media, AI-driven tools, phone calls, and video interviews. It is impossible to state which of these approaches is more effective or useful. That is why one can suppose that the most successful results in the sphere of recruitment and selection can be achieved by those firms that combine all four approaches.

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