Hospice & Palliative Nurses Association

The overarching nature of terminal illnesses creates an acute need for highly qualified hospice and palliative care nursing professionals. Taking place in most medical settings, at varying stages of chronic diseases, and within different age categories, palliative care remains one of the most demanded specialty among nurses. By educating healthcare professionals and supporting research in the field, Hospice & Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA) aims to improve the quality of healthcare for terminally ill patients.

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Currently, HPNA is one of the largest professional nursing association in the United States, connecting nursing professionals in the specialty of palliative care. With the mission of advancing expert care in severe diseases, the organization envisions its work in the transformation of care and culture of terminal sicknesses (“Hospice & palliative care nurses association,” 2019). As noted by Lunney (2015), the main goal of HPNA is to provide guidance for research by outlining critical gaps in knowledge that limit access to high-quality care.

According to “HPNA” (2019), joining HPNA as a member, one obtains such benefits as access to online e-learning courses with continuing nursing educational credits (CNEs) and discount for Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center certification. Members also receive free subscription to two related scholarly journals and monthly newsletters, access to members only section on the company’s official web site, and networking opportunities (“HPNA,” 2019). Ultimately, the membership package includes a comprehensive range of benefits for the nurses, contributing to their increased awareness on the subject matter.

Creating networking opportunities remains an integral part of the HPNA’s agenda. In collaboration with the Annual Assembly of Hospice and Palliative Care, the organization coordinates conferences, seminars, and training for palliative care providers (“HPNA,” 2019). Only through shared knowledge and combined expertise, healthcare professionals might acquire, maintain, and expand the essential skills to improve the quality of life for families and individuals with life-threatening diseases.

HPNA keeps its members informed of the upcoming changes in the industry of hospice and palliative care in a multitude of ways. As acknowledged in “HPNA” (2019), first, the professional association organizes informative conferences, training, and educational sessions, where nursing care providers acquire the new knowledge and get prepared to share it. Second, the organization sends monthly email newsletters to raise awareness about the upcoming events and heated discussion topics in the field. Third, HPNA provides relevant links to the current studies on palliative care that may affect everyday practice of the members (“HPNA,” 2019). All together these collaborative efforts contribute to the increased knowledge of the nurses and better implementation of the clinical guidelines.

Continuing education and professional development is another first-class priority of HPNA. The organization provides an opportunity to enroll in e-learning courses throughout the year to review theoretical portion for certification and recertification exams (“HPNA,” 2019). HPNA also coordinates externship and fellowship for young specialists, giving partial and full scholarship to the students. The clinical practice forum, professional podcasts, and orientation for registered nurses finalize the professional development path in HPNA.

In conclusion, HPNA aims at educating nursing providers and funding research in the field of hospice and palliative care, seeking to improve the quality of healthcare for patients experiencing life-threatening diseases. The organization does not only provide continuing opportunities for learning and professional development but also connects nursing professionals in a powerful network collaboration inside the United States. By raising awareness and updating current research in the field, the HPNA shares up-to-date knowledge with its members, improving their everyday practice.

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