Health Literacy Examination and Improvement

Health literacy ensures that patients have the opportunity to receive proper healthcare services. As the ability to read, understand, and implement health-related information, health literacy is especially important for some populations such as older adults, veterans, and children. Both shared decision-making and motivational interviewing may enhance veterans’ and older adults’ health literacy by meeting their health needs.

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The former needs an advanced level of care, and using the mentioned strategies, they may help care providers to ensure high-quality care. Many older adults have chronic conditions and encounter challenges with daily activities, while motivational interviewing may establish a foundation for better communication between them and care providers (Welch, 2014). In addition, shared decision-making promotes a patient-centered approach to care.

The implementation of the best practices of care models engages children in health literacy by teaching to recognize early signs of diseases and making smart health decisions. The paramount role of motivational interviewing along with shared decision-making with regard to child care is to create the collaboration between parents, pediatricians, nurses, and other care providers (“Advisory Committee on Training”, 2015). The identified strategies are also effective in reducing health disparities and improving access to healthcare services.


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