Global Resources: The Carter Center

Organization Background Information

President Jimmy Carter founded the Carter Center in 1982. The Carter Center tackles different challenges affecting humanity such as suffering and diseases. For very many years, the Carter Center has helped reduce human suffering and diseases. The organization supports different programs aimed at providing better health care to the people (Michael, 2008). As well, the Carter Center has built partnerships with NGOs in order to provide the best health care. The Carter Center continues to strengthen its performance systems for better health care in the developing world. The organization’s website is “”.


The mission of the organization is to promote human rights, improve human living conditions, and ease human agony.


The vision of the Carter Center is to become a leading supporter of human rights across the globe. The organization also promotes peace programs across the globe. For instance, the organization believes in basic human liberties and rights. The Carter Center also monitors elections in order to maintain political order in the affected countries. The organization has helped prevent humans from suffering from diseases ignored by different organizations (Michael, 2008).

Carter Center’s Project

One of the most successful projects undertaken by the Carter Center is training health workers and nurses. The Carter Center works together with governments to train healthcare workers in different parts of the world. The move has helped the countries provide better health care to patients. The project has also helped local and national governments in developing countries establish effective disease management and surveillance programs. The organization ensures the programs are sustainable in order to offer quality health care to the people. The Carter Center has established different programs to offer improved training, ideas, and knowledge to healthcare givers and nurses in the developing world. The strategy has been essential towards supporting global health (Holtz, 2009). The project has increased access to quality health care in rural societies in many countries. Most of the beneficiaries of such programs continue to provide better care and treatment for specific diseases affecting millions of people in the developing world.

Outline for Proposed Partnership with the Global Health Council

The Global Health Council (GHC) is a networking organization formed by many NGOs from different parts of the globe. These non-government organizations share resources, ideas, and knowledge in order to promote global health. The Global Health Council supports programs and policies that can improve people’s health and living standards. The organization targets to promote equality and reduce diseases in the world. The Global Health Council can collaborate with the Carter Center to reduce diseases and deal with inequality in the developing world.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the newly formed organization is to reduce diseases and human suffering the underdeveloped communities. The organization’s vision is to eradicate diseases and improve people’s living standards. The strategic approach will ensure the two organizations work together to promote health standards in the developing world.

Functions and Expectations

The newly formed organization will successfully tackle the problem of inequality and human suffering. The function of the organization is to train health practitioners and nurses. This will make it possible to provide quality care to different patients across the globe (Holtz, 2009). The organizations will work closely to eradicate poverty, promote peace, and improve health care in the developing world.


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