Medicare: A Societal Assurance Scheme

Medicare is a societal assurance scheme run by the American government and it offers health care assurance coverage to persons above sixty five years of age, and those who conform to other exceptional standards. This scheme’s coverage caters for eighty percent of any given medical care expenses with the rest twenty percent being catered for through other means which the patient will be responsible for.

Generally, all people who have attained 65 years of age or above and have been official inhabitants of the United States for leastways 5 years are entitled to Medicare. Other beneficiaries in the nation are those with impairment, provided their circumstance(s) are innate or else everlasting, not considering age ( This is as a result of the provision that such impaired persons are as well intrinsically warranted to Social Security Disability Insurance. Participation in this gives one the right Medicare coverage. Medicare also finances nationality education courses for the greater part of medical doctors in the United States.

A number of American citizens are of the opinion that the majority of social programs in the nation need to be discontinued. On the other hand, these programs have genuine beneficiaries whose lives will never be any easy or bearable if they are phased out. One of the major programs that has had impacts on the lives of many Americans is Medicare. The argument is that it is not justified to take the yields of some other individual’s toil to cover the costs of these programs. It is as well incorrect to compel citizens into an inexhaustible succession of reliance, which according to this group is the only outcome at the end of the day attained by these programs (Zeleny, 2009, p. 1).

It is in addition divergent to the purpose of the United States government, as projected by the founding figures. The opponents suggest phasing out times covering a length of time spanning from five years at the least and fifty years at most.

Amongst the major projected impacts of the new reforms include improvements in hospital insurance services which entail the provision of efficient medical services to all citizens at minimal rates that are affordable to all. Basically, the reforms made in the last five years on the health programs are all aimed at ensuring quality medical care provision to all citizens at low costs as well as creating beneficiary programs to provide medical services to the vulnerable groups of the society such as the elderly, orphans, persons suffering from diseases such as HIV and other chronic diseases. With theses impacts, death rates are expected to reduce especially those resulting from lack of medical attention due to inaccessibility of the same or inability to afford the services.

The Medicare program is offering invaluable aid to their beneficiaries and need not to be done away with. This is for the simple fact that the intended beneficiaries have no other way(s) of catering for what these schemes make possible (Samuelson 1). Efficiency of this program should be ensured at all times while making sure that fraud is avoided at all costs. This way, many lives of Americans will change drastically especially among the poor and other needy members of the society. A healthy nation tends to e more productive, therefore the productivity of the American people is expected to rise in the recent future.

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