Frailty Diagnostics and Geriatric Assessment


Regarding the investigation developed in the article, the concept of frailty faces certain difficulties in definition, measurement, and investigating its pathophysiological causes. Researchers recommend focusing on the development of cell pathways, inflammation, and the connection with sarcopenia syndrome (Wilson, Jackson, Sapey, & Lord, 2017). Frailty may be explained in different ways, and the approach to evaluating it through the prism of muscle quality function, mass control, and physical weakness seems to be a good opportunity to learn its peculiarities in today’s clinical setting.

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Frailty in Gerontology and Geriatrics

The chosen concept may be used in different medical fields. A gerontologist finds frailty a crucial sign of aging with a burning necessity to improve care and enhance control over patients’ activities. Gerontology researchers must thoroughly investigate the relationships between such concepts as sarcopenia, immunosenescence, including inflammation and tissue damage, and frailty. A geriatrician who works in the clinical arena can use the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and validate new instruments for primary care to be offered to frail patients (van Kempen, Melis, Perry, Schers, & Rikkert, 2015). The quality of care may be considerably improved in geriatric practice.

Ideal of Frailty

Family physicians should cooperate with frail patients and investigate their health problems in order to find out a way and improve the level of care. Wilson et al. (2017) admit that patients may report sepsis because of prolonged weakness, muscle loss, and frailty outcomes. Therefore, surgeons should learn frailty from different perspectives and investigate its effects. Frailty can also be used in sleep medicine because sudden sleep disturbances increase the risks of frailty in older people. In light of this fact, frailty remains an urgent topic for discussion in many studies.


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