Clinical Practice in Public Health

GastroMed LLC is a gastrointestinal care group located in Miami. The primary focus is diagnosing and treating multiple conditions related to the digestive and gastrointestinal systems. Gastrointestinal cancer is one of the many specialties of the group. I had the opportunity to learn from ten board-certified specialists and expand my knowledge regarding GI issues, especially screening for cancer.

During the clinical practice, I have witnessed and engaged in specific procedures related to GI screening. These include gastric photofluorography (to investigate the esophagus and stomach after the patient drinks a barium-containing solution) and upper endoscopy (to assess the duodenum and stomach for abnormalities). A test that has been administered to patients who are suspected of having GI cancer suggested the levels of serum pepsinogen since low levels may be linked with stomach cancer. Colonoscopies were also administered during the screening procedures. All measures have been taken to have a precise diagnosis regarding GI cancer.

Screening is critical when it comes to preventing possible complications, and mitigating the symptoms before the situation is critical. For example, patients with early diagnosed diseases are more likely to have better outcomes (Temel et al., 2017).

The general population’s health will increase tremendously if frequent screenings are performed. This is the only efficient way to assess the health condition, possible issues, and timely solutions. Searching and finding specific gastrointestinal problems before symptoms occur leads to a better chance of having a positive outcome. Preventative measures, including screening, may detect an early stage. While the issue may not be as dangerous at the initial stages, it is more efficient for the patient to start treatment as early as possible for faster and better results. This is why it is closely related to the health and well-being of the general population.


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