Chief Nursing Officers

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According to Talley, Thorgrimson, and Robinson (2013), there is an urgent need for a high level of preparedness among the Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs) due to the rising number of children who stay in hospitals for too long after admission. The authors emphasize that CNOs should heed the call for thorough preparedness.

They ought to master their workplace skills especially in regards to guiding the nursing fraternity on the best mode of delivering healthcare services to patients. As it stands now, there is a “declining staff morale, limited ability to manage a fluctuating census, patient diversions to other facilities, and increasing recruitment, retention, and turn over costs (Talley, Thorgrimson & Robinson 2013, p. 78).

On the other hand, clinical practice is marred by several medical errors that mainly result from poor coordination and communication between nurses and physicians (Tschannen et al., 2011). Communication patterns can be improved by CNOs at the workplace so that nurses and physicians can coordinate well in the course of their practice. Tschannen et al (2011) also underscores the fact that physicians tend to score quite high when it comes to communication. Therefore, CNOs should assist nurses to develop a cordial working relationship with the rest of the medical teams.


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