Personal Nursing Essay about Offering a Hospice Care

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I am a community health nurse, and I have worked in this field for the past five years. In addition to offering nursing services to the community, I also involve myself in offering hospice care in one of the sites. I have worked in hospice care for the past eleven years.


Before I present my personal philosophy, I think it is appropriate for me to explain what philosophy is because it has great relationships with nursing. Philosophy is a broad facet of ideas about human life and the reality of the environment in which we live. it is personal in nature and is affected by diverse aspects that determine to nurse (Black and Chitty, 2007).


Nursing is a profession that involves the protection and optimization of an individual’s health and potential. It helps in reducing the advancement of illness and injuries through diagnosis and healing. Nursing is more than an art, it allows individuals to put into practice their creativity and interpersonal skills. It also allows an individual to pursue his or her passion.

Nursing practice

Nursing practice is a fusion of the relationship that coexists among the perceptions of a person, health, environment, education, administration, research, and nursing. It is a service that is offered to clients directly throughout their life cycle. Caring is the main element of this service. I decided to pursue nursing as my career because I believed that an act of helping people is a calling, and truly I love helping individuals that are in need. As a nurse, I do keep patients’ information confidential except when required to provide it as outlined by law. I also know that it is my role as a nurse to educate patients and their families on different types of diseases and their respective treatments.


Person refers to all people. It is the people that receive the nursing care. The term people include individuals, friends, and families. It also involves communities and groups. It is the responsibility of nurses to acquaint themselves with the needs, cultural practices, and behaviors of clients. Nurses are also entitled to knowing the wholeness of patients including their developmental stages. My duty as a nurse is to provide proper and fair care to my patients regardless of their race, religion, abnormality, and economic status. My aspiration is to avail myself to all people so that I can inform them of the essence of preserving health.


Health is described as an element of nursing that addresses an individual’s well-being condition. It touches on issues pertaining to wellness, illness, and stress conditions of individuals. It also touches on matters of the healing process, self-care, and adaptations. Thus, nurses are entitled to view their patients holistically. However, nurses are also recommended to keep some distance from patients and observe how they behave but intervene when there is a need. Acting this way will not only enhance the psychological growth of a patient but also boost the client’s physical development. In addition, it is the responsibility of nurses to inform patients and their families on the importance of observing healthy behaviors (Black and Chitty, 2007).


Professionalism is a key element of many organizations including nursing. It leads to the emergence of competence among nurses thus leading to quality nurse care. Nurses have the responsibility of advancing their knowledge and skills through continuous learning. By involving themselves in learning, they will not remain glued to the past nursing beliefs; instead, they will advance professionally through practice and observance of technological progress. Currently, globalization has led to the introduction of new health machines. Technological advancement has also led to the usage of computers in hospitals. Thus, it is my responsibility as a nurse to keep myself updated in order to become a competent nurse. As a nurse, I have the vision of continuing to learn new nursing aspects and methods from books, journals, and from direct interactions with other healthcare teams.


Environment refers to factors that have an effect on people both internally and externally. It includes health care systems, families, and social support. It also involves physical and sociocultural facets. It is an eminent factor that determines the healthcare of a patient. It also encompasses the level of thinking of an individual. That is individuals’ feelings and opinions about their living conditions. The beneficiary of the nursing care is not the patient only; other beneficiaries include the patient’s family members, friends, and healthcare teams. All these people make up an environment that needs to be monitored and taken care of. Nurses need to know the worthiness of every person in society. It is also the responsibility of nurses to unite the community with healthcare members in order to create an environment that will aid in reducing diseases. Nurses need to endorse their personal ethics all the time in order to enhance the existence of an accommodating environment (Black and Chitty, 2007).


Administration refers to the act of organizing and directing humans and material resources with the aim of achieving a certain goal. Nurses have the responsibility of providing quality care to their clients, and due to this, they are entitled to implementing administrative aspects. The administrative aspects of nursing include forecasting, organizing, and commanding. The process of forecasting enables nurses to plan for the nursing activities. The proper organization also plays a crucial role in enhancing success in nursing, it leads to the coexistence of good coordination between nurses and clients. It is also appropriate for nurses to have the power of command in running their nursing activities. The power of command not only enables nurses to take control of their nursing roles but also entitles them to make their own decisions pertaining to patients’ care.


Research is a scientific investigation carried out with the purpose of identifying new details that will aid in advancing the current knowledge in meeting the desired goals. Nursing research has many goals, and among them includes the provision of effective and efficient nursing care, advancement of values of nursing, and provision of quality care to patients. Nursing research also plays the role of monitoring health care modalities.


In conclusion, I do believe that I am still in nursing because every day I learn new things through new experiences and opportunities. The nursing profession does not pave way for boredom; I spend most of my time socializing with different types of people. Through socialization with diverse people, I acquaint myself with different cultural values that aid significantly in the nursing process. In addition, the nursing profession grants me an opportunity of advancing my knowledge through reading journals and researching online. I also look forward to inspiring many people into loving nursing as a profession. In doing so, I am convinced of meeting my objective of lowering the occurrence of diseases in different societies.


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