Caring for Populations in Flagami Community

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Introduction of Community

The community I am going to survey and analyze is Flagami. This neighborhood is located in Miami, FL. Although it seems to be relatively clean and tidy, there are certain issues related to crime, drug and alcohol use. The neighborhood is more suitable for Spanish-speaking visitors and residents as many residents do not speak English well and many advertisements/billboards are in Spanish.

Windshield Survey


People are visible in the community. They are walking, eating, talking, cleaning their yards and houses, working. I see mostly middle-aged and young adults. Several young mothers walk with strollers/their children. People seem to be healthy and well-nourished; their clothes are not always new but clean and neat. The most common race is Hispanic or Latino, Black and White Americans are also seen, although they comprise a minority. I see no tourist groups. I observe several people under the influence of alcohol (adolescents and young adults).

Indicators of social and economic conditions

I see mostly small single-family homes that are in good condition, although some of them could be renovated. I also see many graffiti tags, mostly on stores. Bus stops are often without shade or AC, although with benches. People use their cars and buses to move. Small businesses such as shops, insurances, medical centers, gas stations, drugstores, pharmacies, etc. are available to residents. I do not see many homeless people, but there are several gangs. They talk to each other and walk the streets. Some adolescents are out of school; they are smoking. I see many advertisements of medical centers; these are mostly in Spanish. Middle and high schools are available.

Health resources

I observe several medical centers and hospitals (including a metropolitan hospital). They are located throughout the neighborhood. The hospitals and centers are in need of renovation. I notice both generalized and specialized doctors’ and dentists’ offices. I do not see any shelters for abused individuals, rehabilitation centers, mobile health vehicles, etc. In my opinion, there should be more health resources in this neighborhood.

Environmental conditions related to health

I do not have any suspicion of water, ground, or air pollutants. Some housing does need repair and seems to be overcrowded. Some traffic lights are broken, and there are many potholes in some places. It is not a heavily trafficked area. The restaurants are small but clean; there are a couple of public restrooms.

Social functioning

There are many Hispanic families in the neighborhood, some with preschool children. Mothers or grandmothers care for these children. Neighbors are mostly friendly to each other, although I observe a fight or two between some of them. There are postings about neighborhood meetings. I also see a Russian church, several Baptist churches and a

Catholic church. I am sure there are social problems because many adolescents are out of school, hanging out and drinking or smoking. Crime rates in this neighborhood are also high (Areavibes, 2016).

Attitude toward healthcare

Although I do not see any sign of folk medicine here, I believe that health resources are underutilized. There is no evidence of preventive or wellness care. I do see some postings about local health fairs, as well as advertisements of local medical centers.

Vulnerable population

I identified smoking and drinking adolescents as a vulnerable population because they are more likely to be involved in crimes. Koning, Van den Eijnden, and Vollebergh (2014) notice that good relationships with parents and self-control can prevent adolescents from binge drinking. Adolescents seem to be skipping school and freely drinking alcohol. Some of them were more aggressive than others. They were mostly well-nourished but poorly dressed.


The neighborhood needs renovation, more health resources, and a neighborhood watch to decrease crime rates and control adolescents. The identified vulnerable population might have problems with alcohol and drug addiction, injuries from being involved in crime, depression, and anxiety due to stigma and inability to integrate into the society.


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