Healthy People 2020 from Perspective of Consumerism

Reviewing Healthy People 2020 from the perspective of consumerism, it can be noted that the initiative has fully addressed customer needs and has elaborated the customer-friendly approach (Fani Marvasti & Stafford, 2012). Consumerism applies to Healthy People 2020 in multiple aspects including empowering individuals towards their quality of life improvement and encouraging the wide public to engage in disease prevention activities (Fani Marvasti & Stafford, 2012).

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A similar tendency can be observed in IOM reports. The focus on the consumer in these documents can be seen in addressing the themes of customer interests, choosing the customer-friendly writing style, and providing the statistic and educational data of high interest for the consumer (Fani Marvasti & Stafford, 2012). For example, IOM reports state the eloquent statistics of the tobacco-related morbidity and mortality that would not leave any consumer unconcerned about one’s future and quality of life in case he or she continues smoking.

The lessons derived from Healthy People 2020 and IOM reports consumer implications to help me understand that the role of the customer should be emphasized in my practice. First of all, the ultimate goal of my professional activity is to optimize customer outcomes to ensure the best quality of life possible for every particular client. Next, I need to focus on health promotion rather than on disease management because it is the new era for health and not sick care (Fani Marvasti & Stafford, 2012).


Fani Marvasti, F., & Stafford, R. S. (2012). From sick care to health care—reengineering prevention into the US system. New England Journal of Medicine, 367(10), 889-891.

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