Miami Community and Vulnerable Population’s Health Assessment


The community under discussion could be found in Miami, Florida. It is a suburban area where a significant number of people lives. There are several problems peculiar to this very location. First of all, one could observe a disregard for sanitarian regulations. Houses are dirty and inaccurate. Objects of infrastructure are in poor conditions. Additionally, there is low access to medical services as there is the only one hospital in the area.

Therefore, unemployed people and their children comprise the vulnerable population peculiar to this very community. For this reason, the main aim of this paper is to assess the vulnerable populations main needs and problems and suggest ways to fulfill and solve them.

Vulnerable Population Overview

Delving into the most important peculiarities of the above-mentioned vulnerable population, it is necessary to outline several factors. First of all, the number of unemployed people in the community is very high, and there is a tendency towards its increase. Moreover, they are deprived of medical insurance and are not able to obtain the needed care. The peculiarities of the community result in the great probability of the outbreak of the infectious disease and promote the spread of STDs. Many individuals suffer from syphilis or Chlamydia. Moreover, numerous adolescents in streets during working hours indicate a high risk of drug abuse and delinquency.

For this reason, we could suggest that in case the situation is disregarded, further deterioration of the environment could be observed, and an epidemic could start. Thus, the given conditions might result from the alterations in the healthcare policy and crisis that preconditioned the rise of the unemployment rate all over the state.

Strengths, Risk Factors, and/or Barriers

First of all, the health of this vulnerable population is impacted by the absence of a stable source of income. The high unemployment rate creates the basis for the significant deterioration of the state of health in the area. The lack of money increases the juvenile delinquency rate and might also promote the appearance of drug abusers. Besides, according to Zarowsky, Haddad, and Nguyen (2013), a great percentage of unemployed people living in the same community is one of the most significant barriers to the delivery of health care and improvement of the situation.

Additionally, the overall low level of income could be taken as the main cause for poor living conditions. People live in dirty dwellings with a high risk of infectious diseases appearance and development. The low access to healthcare units also deteriorates the situation and contributes to the appearance of additional risk factors that might deteriorate the state of this vulnerable groups health and introduce new more significant problems.

Community Resources

As it has already been stated, community resources are poor. There is only one hospital in the area, and it is not able to satisfy existing needs for healthcare services. Moreover, the low level of income deprives members of the identified community of an opportunity to afford medical insurance. The last alterations in the policy related to healthcare have not improved the situation. On the contrary, the majority of individuals belonging to it lost their health coverage because the state losing significant sums from the budget. For this reason, the community resources could be described as inadequate as they are not able to satisfy its members main needs.

Community Health Problem Diagnosis

Applying the main goals of the Healthy People 2020 program to the given community, it is possible to identify its main health problem which is a great spread of sexually transmitted diseases. For this reason, a community nurse should “promote healthy sexual behaviors, strengthen community capacity, and increase access to quality services to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and their complications” (“Sexually transmitted diseases. Overview,” n.d.). Besides, the high number of teen pregnancies along with the conditions beneficial for the development of these diseases could be taken as important factors that impact the spread of STDs among the youth and significant deterioration of the situation.

In this regard, by Healthy People 2020, several important objectives should be accomplished. First of all, it is crucial to reduce the number of females aged 15-to 24 suffering from Chlamydia trachomatis by introducing regular examination (“Sexually transmitted diseases. Objectives,” n.d.). Furthermore, a significant decrease of females suffering from gonorrhea should also be achieved. Finally, the domestic transmission of SDTs should also be monitored to prevent their further spread (“Sexually transmitted diseases. Objectives,” n.d.). These could be taken the most important objectives from the list as their topicality to the given community could hardly be denied. A nurse should devote great attention to these very issues…


Altogether, the community situated in Miami, Florida, suffers from several crucial problems such as high unemployment rates among its members, disregard of sanitarian norms. poor living conditions, teen pregnancies, juvenile delinquency, etc. They deteriorate the state of the vulnerable population significantly and decrease the quality of their lives. Besides, the spread of SDTs could be considered the priority problem that has been identified in the course of the investigation. For this reason, a nurse should devote special attention to it and accomplish the most important objectives outlined by Healthy People 2020.


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