Application in Nursing: Case Study

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Values Evident in the Case

Judie has been working hard in order to attend to her patient’s needs. Despite the existing challenges, Judie’s nursing role has been characterized by different values and competencies. The first value in the case is integrity. She always respects the rights and dignity of her followers. This is done to deliver the best health support (Laschinger & Fida, 2014). Caring is another value notable in this situation. The nurse manager INM) promotes patient care using the most desirable competencies. Excellence is another value embraced by Judie. She implements the best strategies in order to deliver quality care. As an NM, Judie promotes a culture of diversity in the health organization. This is achieved through inclusivity and acceptance.

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My Personal Values

The case of Judie gives a clear picture of the issues affecting many healthcare practitioners. I possess most of the values observed in this situation. For instance, I always promote excellence whenever supporting the needs of my patients. I also focus on the concept of caring. The other value defining my nursing practice is integrity (Reinhard & Hassmiller, 2014). This is the case because I promote ethical decision-making processes, humility, problem-solving, and effective communication (Jarrin, 2012). The other important personal value is diversity. These four values make it easier for me to support the needs of my patients.

Potential Conflicts

Nurses who possess these values can transform the quality and nature of nursing care. However, some conflicts might emerge from these values. For example, caring can result in conflict if a health organization fails to hire enough nurses. Overworked nurses might decide to quit their challenges. The value of diversity makes it easier for nurses to support more patients from different backgrounds. However, the views of patients, nurses, and followers working in the same environment might collide (Laschinger & Fida, 2014). This issue will definitely result in conflicts. Integrity improves the level of coordination, communication, and care. Some individuals might be less committed to this value. This malpractice will definitely create new conflicts.

Taking Judie’s Position

Judie is facing an ethical dilemma because the identified issues affect her career and personal goals. As a qualified nurse, Judie should focus on her nursing philosophy. The philosophy should guide her to address the needs of the targeted patient (Santos & Lima-Basto, 2014). As well, she should also accept the fact that the existing challenges are similar to those affecting the global health sector. This is the case because the nursing shortage is a global challenge. It is also notable that Judie’s stress is affecting her family.

Values such as integrity, caring, and excellence should encourage her to focus on the ever-changing health needs of every patient. If Judie decides to leave, more patients and followers will be unable to realize their goals. The institution will also be unable to deliver quality care to its patients (Edmonson, 2010). On the other hand, Judie’s decision to stay will encourage more followers to offer quality care. More clients will also receive quality health support. This move will ensure the institution implements new strategies that can transform the situation.

What Should Judie Do?

Judie has managed to work as an NM for ten years. She understands the major opportunities and challenges facing her career. She is also aware of the challenges affecting the hospital. Judie should therefore use her leadership philosophy and values to address the issues affecting the health organization (Iglehart, 2013). The best decision is for Judie to stay in order to continue providing quality care to more patients.

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