Tenets of Nursing’s Metaparadigm

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Metaparadigm is defined as a source of ideas that explains how discipline should function as a structure. Four theories address patients’ issues; First is the health of the patient and his or her well-being, also the patient’s environment and responsibilities of the nurse. The following components help an individual get a clear view of the whole nursing concept. The person component of the metaparadigm focuses on the individual being treated together with his/her close relatives and family members. The component ensures that all the patient’s health needs are addressed together with his/her social and spiritual needs (Cheraghi et al., 2019). The results should be able to guide the patient manage and maintaining his/her health and well-being without interfering with the standard of living.

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The other component of the paradigm is the environment which encompasses all the factors that surround the patient. Internal and external factors of the environment are an instrument in affecting the patients’ social interactions which affect the health status and well-being of an individual. The type of interactions of an individual with his/her close family members influences his/her health status. Positive interactions lead to a healthy status while negative interactions lead to stress that influences negative health.

Apart from the internal factors, the health status of an individual is also seen to be influenced by social and physical factors that include geographical location, cultural conditions, socially active connections, technological factors as well as the existing and prevailing economic factors (Cheraghi et al., 2019). Individuals’ health status can be improved by alternating the above social factors.

The health component encompasses the availability and reliability of the health care facility. Good healthcare facilities should be established based on addressing the spiritual, social, and emotional needs of the client. Such facilities built with state-of-the-art equipment are capable of providing and meeting all the requirements of the patient. The provision of good and sufficient healthcare is sufficient to help the client improve his/her health and well-being (Kim et al., 2019). The patients will always be confident when visiting the facility because they are sure that all their needs will be met.

Lastly, the final component of the metaparadigm is nursing which involves offering sufficient health services to the patient. The health services should be delivered in an environment that is not only safe but also caring. To achieve the best results, the nursing component encompasses good communication skills to the patient while providing treatment. It ensures that technology is used to determine the cause of disease as well as provide a suitable cause of action. Skills and knowledge are incorporated to ensure the delivery of the most professional services (Kim et al., 2019). The component focuses on the delivery of high-value services to the patients to improve their general wellbeing.

Supporting and promoting strong family values within the community as well as advocating for disease awareness and practicing good health practices is my nursing philosophy. I aim to provide good and nonjudgmental healthcare regardless of the patient’s race or religion. I believe that nursing is one of the best careers and am not part of it because it is well-paying. First, there is the element of belief as I believe in strong family values. The goal of the philosophy is to advocate for disease awareness within the community. The motivation for being a nurse is to always ensure good health is practiced regardless of the type of patient receiving the services (Kim et al., 2019). Nurses should be in a position to provide balanced and professional healthcare regardless of their race, religion, or spiritual beliefs.

Nurses should also enhance their knowledge and skills on different health matters by undertaking extra classes, either virtual or physical. It will help them provide better services in their entire professional carrier. They should understand that nursing as a profession is established on the grounds of knowledge, integrity, and care. When offering health services, they should encourage the patients by offering quality services that will be instrumental in the healing process (Kristoffersen, 2019). Changes in personal philosophy have been impacted by social and demographic changes in disease-related matters.

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Unethical dilemmas in nursing have influenced personal careers. Funding of public health hospitals has resulted in changes in personal philosophy. Professional associations have come up with different guidelines and measures for the provision of health services as well as maintaining professional health standards. The shortage of nurses has impacted philosophies as instead of a nurse focusing on the provision of best health services, they focus on the number of patients treated a day (Kristoffersen, 2019). Growth and advancement in health technology have impacted personal philosophy and data privacy.

In conclusion, nursing is a career that is established on the grounds of integrity, knowledge, and care. Nurses, should advocate for disease awareness and aim to offer better healthcare. They should treat all patients equally despite their race, religion, and color. Due to rapid changes in technology, nurses should enroll in classes that will help them acquire the latest information in regards to health matters.


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