Multidisciplinary Day-Care Surgery Department

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Research Process

The investigative process involved collecting real-time data from the institution’s administrator, the surgical division director, physicians in various hospital departments, and other hospital staff. After a year of the new department’s operation, two group workshops were held to collect data on pitfalls and positive occurrences associated with the updated model. The researchers were able to gather vital information through 16 structured interviews, project document analysis, and written input from the nursing staff (Øygarden et al., 2019). The gathered information was then qualitatively analyzed through an initial inductive examination followed by a narrative evaluation of findings from the documents and interviews. Listing the results and documenting a discussion of the relevant issues marked the conclusion of the process.

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Study Type

The researchers executed a qualitative case study that adopted an interpretive approach to empirically investigate participants’ experiences. They conducted semi-structured interviews and analyzed documents relevant to their objectives.


The study aimed to increase awareness of the challenges linked to the execution of multidisciplinary organizational models in health institutions. The researchers planned to achieve this by evaluating the challenges nursing managers contend with when introducing new organization models. In addition, they intended to highlight the roles nursing staff reactions play in shaping change and the challenges associated with implementing the program.

Research Questions

The investigators intended to ask important questions regarding the new program implementation. For instance, they sought to understand the arguments that supported or discouraged the implementation of a multidisciplinary day-case surgery department (Øygarden et al., 2019). In addition, the researchers hoped to assess how the views on the validity of the program implementation would impact the institution’s situational logistics. They also intended to examine how the new model would address organizational challenges associated with nursing practice. The findings allow managers to assemble and manage multidisciplinary teams capable of increasing patient-centeredness and improving outcomes.


Øygarden, O., By, R. T., Bjaalid, G., & Mikkelsen, A. (2019). Establishing a multidisciplinary day-care surgery department: Challenges for nursing management. Journal of Nursing Management, 27(1), 133–142. Web.

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