Wasted Resources and Efforts in Health Care

There is a number of wasted resources that can be currently identified within the framework of a healthcare environment.

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First of all, there are different defects. This relates to the process of performing activities incorrectly or fixing the existing errors.

Another type of wasted resource is over-production. This waste can be described by the process of doing more than it is required by either the patient or the situation. As a real-life example, the performance of irrelevant diagnostic procedures can be mentioned here.

The third type of waste relates to transportation. For the most part, this kind of healthcare wasted resource can be met in poorly laid out hospitals where distances between vital departments are too long.

Another resource that can be described as wasteful is the process of waiting. For instance, healthcare employees may wait for their managers to assign new tasks (their patients waiting for an appointment may also be a good display of resource waste).

The next type of resource waste relates to inventory. Healthcare organizations may trigger unnecessary monetary outlays by means of spoilage and disproportionate inventory costs. Here, a real-life example may revolve around expired supplies that will have to be put out.

The sixth type of waste emphasizes the importance of appropriate employee motion. Again, due to a poor hospital layout, employees may be required to walk more than necessary or expected.

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One of the most important types of waste is over-processing. It is safe to say that stamped forms that feature the data that is never used can be a perfect example here.

The last resource that is commonly wasted within any given healthcare environment is human potential. This usually occurs when employees are not being supported or heard.

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