Hospital Corporation of America as an Organization


Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is one of the largest health care providers in the United States. Currently, the health organization has 178 hospitals in the UK and across 20 states in the US with over 200,000 employees (Hospital Corporation of America, 2018). HCA offers both inpatient and outpatient services in all its hospitals and 119 freestanding surgical centers. The organization provides nearly all health care services.

This paper discusses HCA’s preparedness to address the health care needs of its clients in the next decade. A strategic plan for how the organization should handle network growth, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction will also be highlighted. Finally, the organization will be compared with the Singapore Airlines case study.

Readiness to Address Health Care Needs of its Clients in the Next Decade

HCA is prepared to address the health care needs of its clients in the next decade. The organization is well established in the US states and the United Kingdom. The presence of this organization in many places implies that it is successful. Therefore, it suffices to conclude that its current success will allow it to provide quality health care services to its customers in the next ten years. In 2016, HCA had revenue of 41.49 US dollars and a net income of 2.89 US dollars (Hospital Corporation of America, 2018). Such resources will enable the organization to achieve its goals in the coming years.

Additionally, HCA has structured its human resources management to ensure minimal employee turnover. For instance, all employees are given medical coverage, life insurance, education reimbursement, and other benefits to ensure their satisfaction. This aspect will allow the organization to execute its duties without staffing problems that many companies in contemporary times are facing. The size, competence, and motivation of employees are key determinants of any organization’s success (McNicholas et al., 2017).

HCA takes the issue of patient satisfaction seriously. Consequently, the organization ensures that the quality of services exceeds patients’ expectations. For instance, nurses are required to give a follow-up call to all patients and get feedback on their experience with the organization. Additionally, patient questions are addressed comprehensively. Therefore, HCA has a system to analyze and improve its services based on consumer feedback, which reflects their needs. As such, the organization is likely to remain competitive in the market in the next decade due to its innovative approach towards customer satisfaction and employee retention.

Strategic Plan

Despite having a strong presence in the US and the UK, HCA should continue expanding its operations to more regions locally and internationally. The demand for medical services will keep on increasing with the growing global population. Introducing its services to new places will ensure that the organization makes more profits while accomplishing its goals and mission to offer quality health services across borders. Nurse staffing is a pertinent issue in the contemporary health care provision set-up. According to Daniel and Smith (2018), it is expected that by 2022, there will be over 1.2 million vacancies for registered nurses, and this number is likely to double by 2025.

HCA is not exempt from this scenario of nurse shortage. Therefore, it needs to come up with creative ways to reduce turnover rates among nurses and conduct an annual recruitment drive to ensure enough human resources. On the other hand, the organization should derive maximum utility from available resources. Additionally, it should partner with other health care organizations as part of its expansion process and a better resource management strategy. Finally, HCA should keep on improving patient experiences to guarantee their satisfaction. The organization already has a system to collect feedback from patients. This strategy should be improved to leverage technology for better results and ultimate patient outcomes.

Comparison with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines shares several characteristics with HCA. For instance, they both operate in a culturally diverse environment. American and British populations, where HCA offers its services, are culturally diverse. Therefore, the organization addresses this issue by training and hiring employees from different ethnic groups. Similarly, Singapore Airlines trains its employees on ways to handle cultural diversity. One of the ways is by employing young people, who can be more accepting of new procedures, such as training. Additionally, the two organizations have customer feedback systems that allow for future planning with consumer needs in mind. Finally, the organizations are operating in competitive market environments, and thus they have to think strategically by monitoring and evaluating their services for future success.


HCA is among the largest health care providers in the US, with 178 hospitals in 20 states and England. The organization is prepared to offer care services in the next decade, as explained in this paper. Its presence in many regions, financial muscles, and patient satisfaction make it ready to face and address emerging challenges in the industry and remain competitive. However, there is room for expansion regarding network growth, patient satisfaction, resource management, and nurse staffing. HCA shares several common characteristics with Singapore Airlines, especially concerning cultural diversity issues.


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