Traditional and Alternative Medicine Comparison

While traditional medicine remains one of the key tools for ensuring the health of the population, alternative solutions have been used as complementary practices that are not considered part of conventional medicine. According to Edelman, Mandle, and Kudzma (2014), 38% of Americans use alternative medicine, which points to its viability. When it comes to personal experience with alternative medicine, natural treatments of thyroid issues should be mentioned.

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The thyroid gland is an understudied organ that fulfills many important functions in the body, including metabolism and hormone production. However, treatments of the organ have not been sufficient enough to guarantee its complete recovery, and the reversal of the disease.

Most of the alternative thyroid treatments focus on the regulation of nutrition and the intake of supplements that are considered vital to the proper functioning of the gland. As described by William (2017), healing is only possible when a person recognizes that their body is not attacking itself when it comes to abnormal thyroid functioning, and one of my relatives subscribes to this approach. The author proposes such solutions as the intake of 500 ml celery juice each morning to regulate digestion and boost the production of hormones.

Despite the positive reviews of the method, there is no scientific evidence of its efficiency. This means that those diagnosed with complex thyroid conditions cannot rely on celery juice as a treatment solution. Therefore, alternative treatment methods should not be used as a replacement for traditional medicine that was researched.


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