Phosphorus as a Homeopathic Remedy

Remedy Description

Remedy Description

In this project, the remedy is based on the main symptoms including a cough, a headache, and dizziness. Each symptom has its characteristics and impact on the human condition. Regarding the situation described in this case, the following conclusions are given.

Phosphorus is the best option to rely on regarding the complaints identified. Still, the offered homeopathic remedies are usually prescribed in case the offered remedy could be diluted in a tiny dosage because the raw product itself could lead to several negative effects and has to be avoided. The experience of the family shows that phosphorus is the remedy that could help to decrease the level of a cough and bleeding and avoid continuous headaches. At the same time, phosphorus is a dangerous element that could gain several forms. Therefore, it is important to consider the level of personal knowledge of this remedy and the portion of the information that could be found online.

Remedy, Its Effectiveness, and Personal Experience

The experience of one of the family members proves the effectiveness of the chosen remedy and the ability to improve personal health with the properly defined treatment. The family member told about her ability to forget about headaches in three days. A headache is one of the well-known worldwide disorders that are usually related to various stresses (Maier, 2014). There are many ways on how to decrease the level of pain.

Still, people want to use the ones which are effective and could help in a short period. The effects of the remedy prescribed turned out to be effective indeed. First of all, pressing pain occurred in the forehead and was hard to control or avoid. Nervousness was one of the main reasons for that headache. Still, stress was impossible to avoid. As a result, a headache was constant and did not have any clear medical explanation or prediction.

The presence of phosphorus as the remedy helped to gather all negative disturbances and destroy them. Second, phosphorus made the absence of nausea and vomiting the possible symptom possible because it performed the function of nausea’s antidote. Finally, phosphorus helped to reduce a cough and forget about it for several days. The main point to remember was the dosage for phosphorus. The online source that was addressed to get the GRID informed about the necessity to use third to the thirtieth potency of the remedy. Too continuous doses were not appropriate, and that prescription was followed.

Remedy, Its Effectiveness, and Research

The effects and importance of the same remedy were investigated by different authors. For example, Bagot (2016) explains that the presence of phosphorus as a part of a homeopathic treatment that also includes sulfur could help to deal with such symptoms as a headache, nausea, and loss of appetite. Besides, research shows that phosphorus could help to decrease stress levels even if healthcare providers could not identify a certain source of stress and destroy it.

The investigation of Bagot (2016) informs that phosphorus is the remedy that is effective in controlling headaches, asthenia, and hot flushes. A person should not take too many drugs or activities in case the presence of phosphorus is evident. This element helps a person to forget about headaches and a cough for a long period.

In general, headaches and dizziness are the results of stress in human lives. A cough is also a symptom that could not be ignored. Therefore, phosphorus is the element that helps to promote changes in the human body that is characterized by those symptoms.


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