Theoretical Foundations of Nursing: Personal Experience

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The practice of nursing is very demanding compared to other careers. In most cases, nurses are called upon to provide patient care in hospitals and homes. For this reason, nurses must be committed to provide quality healthcare. This paper will assess qualities that make a nurse to be competent.

Personal Self-Concept

Healthy lifestyle is very essential. As such, I have maintained a healthy body because I am very keen about healthy lifestyle. Regular body exercise and good eating habits have enabled me to have a positive lifestyle and good health (Blaise, and Hayes, 2011). I have also developed communication and researching skills to ensure success in all aspects. My desire is to maintain a positive lifestyle by eating healthy, observing hygiene, and staying drugs free. These expectations are realistic and achievable.

Professional Self-Concept (Values)

I am hardworking, self-driven, disciplined, and honest person. My parents and religion taught these positive values to me. I believe these values will help me to become competent in the field of nursing. While growing up, I believed that people became sick because of curses but now I have learned that this belief is a cultural myth. My belief is that, all humans regardless of race, religion, and background deserve quality health care.

Definition of Nursing

In my opinion, nursing is a profession that focuses on caring for the sick. It is a combination of personal skills and techniques for human care. Broadly, nursing entails human activities aimed at promoting, supporting, and helping the individuals to regain good health for the benefit of the community (Debnath, 2009). A nurse has a responsibility to care, treat, and campaign for good health care in the society. Notably, nursing offers emotional support and care to different patients in times of need. Generally, nursing is a concept of protecting, treating, and advocating for patient’s health in the society.

Nursing Theory

In my perspective, Henderson’s nursing theory is the most appropriate approach in the field of nursing. According to Henderson’s nursing theory, nursing helps patients to regain good health, and also enable patients to work towards independence. Once patients become independent, they are able to perform different duties efficiently. Henderson nursing theory focuses on the patient needs and addresses the concerns of the clients since it is “client-centered” theory. According to Henderson’s theory, “The unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery” (Funnel, Koutoukidis and Lawrence, 2008). According to my description of nursing, this theory is the most appropriate.

Professional Goals

I have both short term and long-term goals. Once I attain nursing certificate, I intend to work at a local hospital in my home area to acquire the relevant experience. By working at home, I will motivate my community. My long-term goals are to join a nursing union, acquire a PhD in the field of nursing, and to develop new healthcare policies.

Professional self-Concept (Knowledge)

I have knowledge in field of counseling. With counseling knowledge, I intend to assist different patients because this knowledge will be useful in many areas. In the future, I wish to acquire knowledge of mentorship so that I can be a role model. Mentorship will help me to influence people in developing changes including new healthcare policies.

Professional Self-Concept (Skills)

I have developed good communication skills. I believe these skills will enable me to offer quality patient care and develop new ideas in the future. I want to develop good management skills to become a leader who promotes justice. With such qualities, I will be a democratic leader who will work with others to develop better healthcare policies for social change.

Self Concept Changes

For a very long time, I thought being a nurse is an opportunity to get more money and acquire social status. However, I have realized that nursing gives people an opportunity to offer healthcare and save life. Due to road accidents that are happening every day, I have understood that human life is delicate (Debnath, 2009).

In summary, every nurse must have special skills and knowledge to become competent in the field of nursing. Generally, nurses should always consider patient’s needs in order to provide quality healthcare. The opinion is that, nurses should adopt Henderson’s nursing theory because it is a client-centered approach.

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