The Problem of Childhood Obesity

Children with obesity at the age from 2 to 12 should be paid more attention to

  • Children are the future of the nation
  • An overweight child is more likely to be a sick adult.
  • Such people will be unable to be beneficial for society
  • The primary responsibility for such kids is on parents
  • Bad eating habits are more comfortable to improve in childhood

Excessive fat accumulation in the body is a disease that must be treated

  • Obesity in children and adults is diagnosed based on the measurement of the body mass index BMI
  • Obesity is diagnosed with a BMI exceeding 30 points
  • BMI equal to 20 in children can lead to serious medical problems
  • Children are predisposed to many disorders
  • Unlike some, obesity is treatable

The Obesity Action Coalition raises the alarm

  • 14 % of children aged 2 to 5 have extra weigh
  • 18.4 % aged 6 to 12 suffer from the disease
  • Cases of obesity among adults and children are annually in increase
  • Every two years, the rates increase by one percent
  • The disease acquires the epidemic status

Excess weight appears with an energy imbalance when more calories are consumed than burnt

  • Physical inactivity affects the weight of the child
  • Much time spent sitting in class and passive recreation deprive children of physical activity
  • Children have intense mental load but desperately lack movement.
  • Overeating and poor eating habits are the leading cause of childhood obesity
  • Their diet is dominated by sugar, fast carbohydrates, and fats

Childhood obesity can lead to the development of severe and even deadly diseases

  • It is the reason for high blood pressure
  • High cholesterol level is fraught with cardiovascular diseases
  • Risk of diabetes is increasing with the weight gained
  • Musculoskeletal system gets overloaded
  • There is a risk of hormonal failure

Obesity is detrimental to mental health

  • It affects self-esteem, behavior, causes depression
  • Psychological problems can lead to more eating disorders
  • Developmental delay and learning issues often happen with overweight children
  • Grown up, such kids may be predisposed to suicidal ideation
  • Psychological issues of obese children increase with the age

Nowadays, many health organizations fight with extra weight among children, as appears to be a severe disease

  • Nurses play a vital role in maintaining public health
  • The American Nurses Association (ANA) agrees on childhood obesity’s epidemic character
  • Nurses are educated to popularize a healthy lifestyle among young patients
  • ANA started to support policy recommendations ten years ago
  • These recommendations continue to be relevant

National policies on obesity eradication concentrate on increasing funding for school programs and promoting physical activities among the citizens

  • They promote the increase of school wellness programs
  • These policies affect underserved areas funding
  • Physical activity is promoted through recreational facilities
  • Community education is the primary ANA tool
  • The ANA also supports related programs

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is actively involved in fighting the obesity epidemic

  • AANP organizes courses to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits
  • AANP founded the Obesity Specialty Practice Group (SPG)
  • This platform welcomes all the partial medical workers
  • SPG conducts clinical research in the field of obesity
  • The AANP focuses on overall national health apart from childhood obesity

Parents, teachers, and caregivers should protect children suffering from obesity

  • Excessive weight deprives of healthy active life
  • Children cannot overcome the disease without adults’ help
  • Nurses are responsible for helping overweight children
  • Psychophysiological issues are treated easier at the early ages
  • The nation without obesity is a healthy nation


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