The Lisbet Community in Miami

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The field of community health is increasingly becoming popular in the United States and other countries around the world. According to Mohl (2001), it has become important for players in the public health sector to give attention to specific communities living within a given geographic area by identifying what is commonly affecting them and how a common solution can be found to address their problems. It is common to find that people in a given location are affected by a common problem because of the geographic, economic, or socio-cultural issues that are common in that region. Nurses have found it relevant to focus on community health, by identifying the factors that affect a given community and coming up with measures that can be used to overcome such common problems. In this paper, the focus was on the Lisbet community in Miami, Florida. The researcher was interested in identifying the health problems which commonly affect these people, and measures that can be taken to overcome such challenges.

Community Overview

The Lisbet Community in Miami has several health-related issues that need to be addressed within the shortest period possible to ensure that the residents lead a sustainable lifestyle. According to research by Hicks and Nicols (2012), sexually transmitted diseases have become common in Miami over the last 14 years. The rate at which new cases of sexually transmitted diseases are diagnosed in this community is relatively higher than that of the country’s average. This is a clear indication that something is wrong within the community that needs to be addressed. Reproductive and sexual health has become top trending topics, but this has not helped in solving the problem faced in the community. Lifestyle diseases have also become common because of the way of life of the majority of the residents. Most of the households within Miami are maintained by single families, a phenomenon that has increasingly become common over the recent past. According to Mohl (2001), most of the residents of Miami have gainful employment. The average income of individual families in this community is slightly higher than that of the country’s average. It means that these people have enough money that they can spend on luxuries, some of which may expose them to serious health risks.

Demographic Data

Demographical analysis of this community may help in explaining the health patterns that have been witnessed over the recent past. As stated above, most of the members of this community are economically empowered. They have good jobs and successful businesses that cushion them from economic problems. They stay in well-maintained apartments which are accessible by all weather roads. According to Bryan (2009), one of the most notable factors in Lisbet is the absence of street families. The community has also embraced technology in various aspects of life. Socially, men of this community have an upper hand in terms of making critical decisions in the families. However, most of the families in this community are either single parented or single families. In such settings, the head of the family would make final decisions. Most of the residents of this community are Christians. The people cherish religion.

Epidemiological Data

The demographical data above may help us to explain the epidemiological data of this community. There is a unique pattern of partying and merrymaking within this community over the weekends and public holidays, especially among the middle class. The number of liquor outlets in the community is very high. This explains why cases of sexually transmitted infections are common within the community. Most of the residents in this community are in the middle class. They have little time for leisure in the week. This explains why the number of fast-food stores has been on the rise. These stores are also a cause of health concern. A limited number of free clinics and a high number of tobacco stores are also other causes of concern within this community.

Windshield Survey

The epidemiological data given in the section above were obtained through a windshield survey. The survey revealed a pattern within this community that exposes them to several health-related problems. The popularity of fast foods among the members of this community is very worrying. This is made worse by the fact that only a handful of members of this community have been engaging in regular exercises. A good number of residents of this community are obese due to this negative lifestyle.

Problem Diagnosis

Lisbet community, just like many other communities within the United States, has a lifestyle pattern that exposes them to several health problems that need special attention from the nursing community. The main problem in this community is the lifestyle. Sexually transmitted diseases that are prevalent within this community are caused by immoral and irresponsible lifestyles, especially after taking alcohol. According to Lalota, Shultz, and Waters (2001), when one is intoxicated with alcohol, it becomes difficult for one to reason rationally. This may leave them exposed to various diseases if they indulge in irresponsible sexual activities.

One of the main objectives of Health People 2020 is to promote healthy sexual behavior. This objective may be defeated if the current trends of increased cases of sexually transmitted infections continue within this community. This health problem was chosen because it stands out among the rest of this community. Other lifestyle diseases affect the majority of Americans and the federal government has been working on policies that can help manage this problem. However, the rate at which residents of this community are contracting STIs is worrying. This is a trend that is soon getting out of control if left unchecked. According to Torres and Morris (2011), STIs such as HIV reduces the immunity of a person, making his or her body too weak to fight other diseases effectively. This may leave them vulnerable to various diseases, including simple diseases that can be easily treated if the immunity is not tampered with by the virus.


Lisbet is a small community within Miami in Florida. Members of this community have gainful employment, with most of them having no financial problems in terms of meeting their basic needs. However, the epidemiological data shows that this community has several health problems that may need the attention of nurses and other health specialists. The information reveals that these people lack information about how they can lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. They may be educated and financially empowered. However, they are oblivious of the health problems they are exposing themselves to by leading such irresponsible lifestyles. In case the current patterns continue, then chances are high that many members of this community may contract various diseases shortly.


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