Community Teaching Work Plan Analysis

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Coherent society is said to be democratic, tolerant and humane, Human being is proclaimed to be the most appreciated value and everything should be done in order to guarantee its prosperous living in society which will be deprived of such remnants of the past as discrimination, unfair attitude and a great number of other unpleasant things. There is no use denying the fact that humanity managed to do a lot, trying to get rid of these problems. However, the world is still not ideal. New problems appear instead of the old ones. It is possible to say that nowadays, a great number of people still suffer from abuse, though the motifs of actions of this sort towards people are different. Nevertheless, even elderly people are in danger nowadays. Traditionally being one of the most respected social group, nowadays these people become victims. Even children and women can cause harm to them. People with disabilities also suffer from the same problems. Current situation is very serious as there is a great number of people who belong to this category in different countries and in the USA especially. These people become victims because of their vulnerability and helplessness. With this in mind, it is vital to realize that people should take care about them. However, these people should also care about their own health in order not to be helpless and increase the quality of their life. The following teaching plan was created in order to give this very information to people and educate them how to remain healthy and avoid abuse.

First of all, it should be said that the whole plan is created with the purpose to make people, who want to obtain information in the given sphere, motivated and interested. The plan includes description of current situation and suggests the idea that it is necessary to make some steps in order to improve it. However, the given teaching plan not only outlines the necessity of some actions, however, it also suggests certain steps which can help to do it. First of all, it suggests several aspects which can help to determine the targeted audience. This list is an important part of the plan as it also underlines risk factors for people to know about them. The plan also suggests certain learning theory which should be utilized during the course. Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory, which is mentioned in the plan, states that patients have the necessity to care about themselves, which means that the main aim of the course correlates with this desire. Moreover, it should become the main task of the program and a teacher should try to engender this sort of desire. Besides, the program also enumerates objectives which should be achieved. It is a very important thing because the whole process should have certain turning points and these objectives help to do it. Thus, the given teaching plan also describes barriers which can appear during the course and the ways to solve the problems. Additionally, there is a power point presentation which serves to make the course more clear and understandable. Resting on these facts it is possible to say that the given teaching plan is rather logic and consistent

It is obvious that the topic for the program was chosen not accidentally. The thing is that there is a threatening statistics connected with the given issue (Boffey, 2013). It is widely known that population of the earth becomes older and, that is why, the given problem becomes more and more topical. There are 44 million people older than 60 in the USA, and, moreover, there is also a great number of disabled people (Abuse of the elderly, n.d.). Every year they become abused and exploited. That is why, this problem needs solution. Additionally, very often people, who offend this social category, are close relatives. It happens because of the inability of old people to care about themselves and because of the poor quality of their life. That is why the epidemiological rationale for this very project becomes obvious. It is vital to improve conditions under which elder people live for them to be able to improve the quality of their lives. Moreover, they should be given the idea that it is vital for them to care about themselves because it can make their lives much easier. Resting on these facts, it is also possible to say that the choice of the topic was influenced by the great social problem which can be easily called one of the most threatening tendencies of the modern world.

Nevertheless, it should be said that the given teaching plan is a good example of a well thought program which takes into account different aspects of the issue and suggests wise approaches to it. Additionally, it should be said that the structure of the plan helps to present information in the most convenient and clear way which, in its turn, influences the level of understanding. With this in mind, is should be admitted that a teacher who works basing on this program is able to reach certain successes and help people to understand its main ideas. To evaluate a teachers experience, it is necessary to keep in mind that the success of the process depends on the quality of the program and on the level of skills which a teacher has. However, it should be said that implementation of this plan showed good results. The thing is that the plan is rather simple and efficient at the same time. A person, who is taught, understands the necessity of this knowledge while a teacher should try to persuade people and engender desire to care about themselves. That is why, such a tight cooperation can lead to very good results and it is possible to speak about the positive teaching experience. The given teaching plan can be taken as a very efficient remedy and tool which is proved to be clear and understandable. Moreover, it does not demand some extra skills and knowledge from a teacher which could also be taken as another advantage

Another thing which should also be mentioned is community response to this very plan and teaching in general. It is obvious that these very courses are socially useful activity which should be appreciated by people. The thing is that society is really worried. This phenomenon becomes more and more complicated because a great number of people become abused. It is difficult to guarantee security for close people and relatives. That is why, the majority of people are interested in the given program. They realize that it is a real possibility to reduce the level of abuse and improve the quality of life of people who are close to them. Resting on this facts, it is possible to assume that the given program can obtain support from population In its turn, this support can be taken as the guaranty of success of the given program. Additionally, community also believes that the program will help to achieve another purpose. Old people are very often offended by younger ones and this fact becomes the reason for the increase of the level of juvenile delinquency. However, people believe that this very program can reduce it. Elderly people will be able to resist it while young generation will obtain information which is connected with the issue and try to rethink their priorities. With this in mind, it is possible to say that community has positive attitude towards this very program as a great number of their hopes are connected with it.

Thus, it is obvious that the program is not ideal and it has both strong and weak sides. The first obvious advantage of the given program is its easiness and perspicuity. The targeted area should understand it easily. Additionally, it has clear structure which also helps people to understand it better. It is not complicated and does not use difficult terms and definitions. Moreover, it uses existing and efficient courses and theories. This fact also helps it to become rather innovative and understandable. However, there are also several disadvantages. The first and the most important disadvantage of the given program is its weak cooperation with the government. There is no use denying the fact that this problem is important and this tendency threatens security of a state. However, there is no attention given to the governmental sphere in this very plan. Some steps should be made in order to attract attention of the state to the question. For example public health service should also care about the health and quality of life of elderly people and that is why it is quite logic to use their facilities and powers. Additionally, some extra funding can be obtained. Another area which should be improved is its interaction with some other layers of population (Elder Abuse and Neglect, n.d.). This problem is very complicated and a great number of different factors influence it. That is why, some work with the representatives of population who care and who abuse elderly people should be done for them to understand importance of the issue and rethink their actions.

With this in mind, having analyzed the given teaching plan, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. It should be said that it is rather efficient course which main aim is improvement of the quality of life of people who are abused nowadays. The program is aimed at the engendering of the necessity to care about themselves among elderly people. The plan suggests several steps how to do it. Moreover, it also introduces modern theories connected with the given issue. The given program also has positive response from the community as it is suggested to bring significant changes to its life and make the life of threatened social layer easier. Being not so complicated, it can be easily used in practice as it does not demand some additional skills from a teacher and already has positive feedbacks. With this in mind, it is possible to conclude that the given program is a good attempt to solve existing problem and improve the quality of life of elderly people.


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