The Benefits of Breastfeeding

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There are many things a mother can give to her child after his/her birth, and one of the most powerful protections is breastfeeding. Some people cannot even imagine how important this method of feeding a baby can be. Nowadays, some mothers choose bottle-feeding to save their time and have a good shape. Some mothers do not want to try breastfeeding as they have different options. Still, they should know how crucial breastfeeding can be for their children. First, breast milk is one of the safest nutrients a baby may need. It contains millions of disease-fighting substances that can protect a baby during the first months of life. Second, breastfeeding is a method to protect a child against using some drugs directly in cases of emergency. For example, if a child gets sick or needs more vitamins, his/her mother can take some and transport the required portion through breast milk. Besides, breastfeeding is one of the best forms of communication between a mother and a child. It is amazing and captivating to observe how a mother feeds her child using her breast. It is a natural event, a kind of unconditional reflex.

Special communities, healthcare organizations, and coalitions work to promote breastfeeding and explain to young mothers the true worth of breastfeeding. It happens that mothers know nothing about the benefits of breastfeeding. Though they are aware of the protective means available to a child through mother’s milk, they do not find it a good reason to continue breastfeeding. In such cases, it is possible to mention more reasons to promote breastfeeding such as the ability to reduce the risk of child’s obesity, improve child’s intelligence, protect from various allergies, and even help mothers overcome postpartum depression.

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