Self-Compassion as a Stress-Coping Technique for Nurses


The current paper focuses on analyzing the article discussing self-compassion as a stress-coping technique for nurses. The article written by Duke provides the results of the practical study helping frontline nurses overcome overload-related stress. The analysis of the article is constructive for future practices as a nurse. Psychological risk factors in the work of a nurse can lead to various types of psycho-emotional disorders. Practicing self-compassion can result in advanced stress-coping and increased quality of nurses’ services.

Assigned Article Summary

The article “Benefits of mindful self-compassion for frontline nurses” emphasizes the importance of self-compassion training to improve the stress management of frontline nurses. The paper strives to evaluate the effectiveness of mindful self-compassion curriculum training for nurses. The author of the article emphasizes that “to prevent and address physical and emotional fatigue, nurses must engage in personal self-care” (Duke, 2022, p. 35). The study’s analysis conducted by Duke (2022) highlighted that self-compassion techniques improved the means of copying and increased the emotional stability of the participants.

One of the most vital observations emphasized in the article is that the time of training per day can be decreased without a loss in effectiveness. The nurse’s encouragement and increased working productivity can be achieved through regular training for five minutes (Duke, 2022). Regular involvement in self-compassion practices helps to prevent burnout and cope with overloads. Such results are extremely vital for frontline nurses. It affects not only the personal and moral well-being of the workers but also the quality of the provided medical services.

Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice

The work of medical personnel is associated with the occurrence of situations that cause stress. In the course of their professional activities, doctors and nurses learn to take measurements while often forbidding themselves a sensor. The ban on feelings leads to losing control over emotions, defeats emotional sensitivity, becomes a stereotyped way of perceiving, and maintains stress. The issue of stress management in the course of professional activity is important for me as a future professional.

Stress in the work of a nurse, often leading to emotional burnout, is mainly due to personal characteristics. From my perspective, I used to criticize myself for even minor mistakes. Working as a nurse requires developing the capability to accept mistakes and develop further. The article proves that self-compassion techniques are useful in developing positive self-perception as a specialist. Thus, these practices can be further used for decreasing the stress level. Moreover, I even plan to start training now to rework my whole perception of nursing, myself, and y role in nursing care. This approach teaches you to notice everything that happens inside without sinking into depression and endless reasoning about life. These thoughts should help you not to close yourself inside your problems, but to show compassion and care not only about yourself but also concerning patients.


The chosen analysis article highlights the importance of self-compassion practices for coping with stress in nursing practices. Self-compassion involves a very careful approach to emotions, especially negative ones. For me, as a future nursing practitioner, this article is essential to consider as far as it provides extended opportunities for stress coping. The improvements in the oral state of nursies can potentially increase the quality of nursing services enhancing the general improvements in the healthcare sector.


Duke, B. (2022). Benefits of mindful self-compassion for frontline nurses. Wolters Kluwer Health, 52(5), 34–37.

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