Relating Mission and Goals to Information Systems

Mission and Goals

The Select Specialty Hospital is a health care organization that specializes in acute care for patients with various health problems. In this assignment, the attention will be paid on the Select Specialty Hospital’s pulmonary rehabilitation after trauma service. The paramount aim of the identified organization and the mentioned department, in particular, is to ensure that patients receive the highest quality services though inpatient acute care based on cost-effective strategies and a positive environment for staff (“Mission and values,” 2018). The vision statement may be formulated as follows: the provision of exceptional experience and promotion of health in patients. In combination, the mission and vision compose the expected outcomes of implementing goals and objectives.

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The organization’s information system targets the support of the available health services and includes the connection with diagnostics, monitoring, data storage, and follow-up. As for the pulmonary rehabilitation, the work of advanced practice nurses, pulmonary program managers, and nursing rehabilitation professionals is assisted by the Select Specialty Hospital’s information system. When patients experience a trauma, they often need the use of the mechanical ventilation equipment that is also controlled by IT specialists. The latter are expected to be responsible for the alignment of the information system and the organizations goals. As stated by Lai (1997), information systems should create the synergy with organizations’ projects. In particular, the following goals are put in the core of respiratory rehabilitation: the coordination of ventilator weaning program, monitoring and storage of patient data, medication control maintenance, and the overall integration of acute care based on results-oriented and patient-centered approach (“Mission and values,” 2018). Based on the review of the organization’s mission and vision, the objectives are to reduce costs, increase care quality, and facilitate the period of patients’ rehabilitation.


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