Reflection on Nurses Answers


The answers which Elizabeth Foster provided influenced my perception of the nursing profession, numerous issues and challenges associated with it. The nurse offered insights into some aspects of nursing, which are useful and should be appropriately analyzed. This paper also provides ideas on the provision of care and evidence-based practice, which were affected by the nurse’s responses. Moreover, the impact of the history of nursing on the modern professional practice and its future is to be concerned as well.

Reflection on Learning from Nurse’s Answers

In the interview, Elizabeth Foster focused a lot on the importance of teamwork. She believes that teamwork enhances the quality of studies and provides future nurses with the opportunity to learn to communicate with each other and with patients, which is becoming increasingly important in modern professional practice. Communicating with other people who are willing to become nurses reminds of the great initial purpose behind the career choice and, in this way, encourages students. What is more, I was impressed by the strong emotions nurses have under certain circumstances. For instance, understanding that many patients are happy and healthy after a lengthy treatment or serious surgery encourages nurses and represents one of the major sources of motivation for them.

Insight Gained from Conversation Regarding Leadership, Provision of Care, and/or Evidence-Based Practice

Elizabeth Foster also discussed some issues connected to management and effective work. She strongly believes that modern challenges imply cooperation between various nurses. Leadership was one of the main topics of our conversation. Foster, for instance, shared some ideas on being initiative and motivating colleagues to cooperate. She is always the one who proposes such discussions, which lead to growing overall productivity. Foster believes that knowing the exact tasks and rules is central to proper working conditions and great performance. Cooperation, according to her, should be encouraged from the very beginning, while future nurses are trained.

Foster thinks that the technological process improved the way she works, as now she only has to hold a single tablet instead of numerous notes and papers. It significantly enhances nurses’ productivity, as it helps save time. What is more, Elizabeth Foster actively participated in creating guidelines for nurses, which provide checklists that remind of multiple procedures that are instrumental in fighting COVID-19. Such activities are a great example of a contribution which nurses can make to improve working conditions and encourage each other.

Analysis of Impact of Nursing History on Professional Practice Today and in the Future

The history of nursing has shaped and defined modern nursing practice in multiple ways. Modern nursing is based on the ideas of Florence Nightingale, who structured the basic rules of professional nursing. It is, to a great extent, based on compassion and requires numerous soft skills. Patients rely on nurses not only in purely medical terms; they need to feel their support and often expect a piece of advice. The experience one gets while in hospital is influenced by the expertise of nurses to a large extent. Therefore, it is important to continue emphasizing the qualities mentioned above, which will always stay the cornerstone of the profession. Self-management strategies are becoming increasingly important, and educating patients on the basics of health care is now a major trend. Although nursing was initially focused mainly on remedy and assistance, its functions may be altered and begin to include new ways of communicating with patients that ensure their healthy lifestyle.


Elizabeth Foster provided great insights into the changes in modern nursing. The answers influenced the way I perceive some aspects of the profession and featured ideas on leadership and teamwork. Nursing is changing rapidly; new concepts redefine some approaches, and technological progress offers new solutions and alters some methods. Nevertheless, the history of nursing shows that the core of this profession will always stay the same despite numerous innovations and advances in technology.

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