Personal Nursing Philosophy Paper (Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Theory)

Every specialist has their personal nursing opinion based on individual values, beliefs, and motivations. My personal beliefs and values, brought together, affect the working technique and approach I use in my work. Moreover, I am passionate about analyzing my attitude carefully, starting from understanding what nursing is for me and its impacts. I reflect on these and other exciting questions in this personal nursing philosophy paper. I cover Dorothea Orem’s self-care theory that created my assumptions about nursing and detect the influence it has on me and my interpretation of the core ideas of the profession.

Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Theory and Its Application in Nursing

Being a nurse means recognizing that my main objective is to improve individuals’ health, to look after them. Nonetheless, I think that the most vital part of my work is guided not just in the direction of giving the essential solutions in a healthcare space, yet also in the direction of the care actions that permit my individuals to have an ordinary life coming back to residence. Thus, Dorothea Orem’s theory of self-care presents my dedication to nursing better than various existing frameworks. According to her, the individual’s capacity to keep his/her very own care must be the top priority for professionals. It includes these tasks that individuals perform to have excellent health as well as health and wellness. Orem takes into consideration that individuals are responsible for their own care which others (moms and dads) require care (Wayne, 2019). He explains nursing as an interaction in between individuals, with the objective of advertising self-care practices.

By arranging my thinking for nursing technique using this concept, I treat the nursing procedure as a device that offers me the possibility to determine what must be done to satisfy the demands of person self-care. First, I identify why a person needs nursing solutions. Based upon this information, I can determine what sort of treatment is required and also establish a plan to provide it. Working with a customer, I begin to accumulate information about their health condition, exposing the requirements for self-care and finding whether that individual has the representation ability. As a result, I suggest how their shortage of autonomous might be gotten over and also give related support or practice. I assist my customer deal with himself, making sure that the preferred health results are attained. In a sense, my actions consist of advice, training, physical and also emotional assistance.

By utilizing Orem’s theory, I can promote the upkeep of health among agents of the general public. Being quite easy, it constantly offers me the chance to use it while working with the varied person population since a disease remains in the spotlight. On top of that, it enables me to recognize that all clients (despite their problem) are ready to care for themselves since they intend to be valued as well as remain independent. By helping them in the recuperation process through positioning and also education and learning, I can supply my clients the possibility to conserve their dignity as well as give individual treatment. For me, this method is particularly important when working with individuals looking for recovery or medical care. Orem’s concept is the very common feasible method as clients are encouraged to perform individually. Regrettably, the benefit of it might be lost when it comes to nursing a patient that needs thorough treatment or that requires constant treatment. Therefore, this is much easier to reflect another academic technique when nursing infants or the senior.

Personal Nursing Philosophy (Key Concepts)

I suggest that nursing is not a career that will certainly offer me the chance to make a living. It is a mission that enables me to provide those people with a help who deal with particular conditions or that cannot live a normal life because of their specific disabilities. In this context, nursing is not only a chance to aid patients and teach them to express more concern for themselves, but also provide them with a medical care. Therefore, I can advertise wellness and its reconstruction.

Nowadays, health services are normally patient-centered, so this is already a popular practice when the principle of person is gone over as one of the main values of an expert. In my opinion, a person is a human being and a material thing that needs treatment. Besides, my clients are social devices that belong to a particular family members as well as culture. Thus, I can take into consideration the possibility of their assistance in the development of a self-care nursing plan. In addition, I bear in mind that the individual’s relative might need care, which affects my interventions and my customer’s healing.

As a wellness specialist, people’s health plays a huge role in my profession. This principle is basic to me as it is my main objective. As a whole, it is necessary to make sure that a person is strong and that all conditions are missing. Nevertheless, health and wellness also presupposes the psychological and also psychological well-being of the person (” Dorothea Orem self-care shortage concept clarified”, describes 2017). In some cases, I think that health must be related to the individual’s capability to assess themselves, to recognize the experience and communicate with others.

The principle of setting is significant for nursing technique because it frequently influences individuals. It’s not just the world for the people’s existence. Physical and biological atmosphere can take place. It unites individuals, locations as well as things with their qualities and also qualities. Even partnerships can produce a favorable or adverse atmosphere that affects human wellness. Family members, cultures, communities as well as the setting must be taken into account when discussing this idea.

Personal Values in Nursing – Example

Individual beliefs and also values influence exactly how people perceive the world as well as their decision-making procedure. Along with those that are vital to nursing concepts that have actually currently been gone over, I have numerous values connected with my profession that guide my practice in a day-to-day live. These are the components that I consider crucial for a good professional, as they make certain that top quality treatment is supplied to an individual.

First, I think that the value of accountability is essential to my profession because the activities I take as well as the choices I make have a substantial impact on other people. It is crucial that I realize my obligation to do my ideal in all circumstances (NMBI, 2019). I can not make spontaneous decisions when caring for a client because negative actions can lead to negative health impacts. On top of that, I need to be able to clarify my activities if specific problems emerge.

One of my expert worths is an interprofessional joint technique. As a nurse, I frequently contact several experts since they additionally collaborate with my individuals since they have several health requires. It is vital for me to have an ability to find a mutual language with all these individuals and also to connect efficiently with them, as the means we share material concerning clients and their problem can have an effect on the shipment of care and also its outcomes. Functioning as a participant of the group, I need to not neglect my individual tasks to make sure that my performance does not surpass them.

Social justice should be followed by all registered nurses, supplying all individuals with solutions of equivalent quality. Health and wellness units typically serve diverse populaces, and also individual prejudice should not influence method (Shahriari, Mohammadi, Abbaszadeh, & Bahrami, 2013). My responsibility is to fulfill the wellness requirements of all patients who need my help based on their social condition as well as other private features, which are age, race or religion.

In addition, my mission is to make certain that I expose my expertise in all the activities I carry out and the decisions I play. It is necessary for me to obtain the important knowledge and skills to execute my tasks. In addition, I need to make clients really feel where they interact with them to ensure that we do not go across the line of expert relationships as well as come to be pals.

So, in dealing with an individual, I also communicate with his household. I inform them everything about the condition of the clients. I deal with all my people equally, preventing discrimination based on their social as well as racial qualities. I pay specific attention to individuals’ understandings as well as ideas, creating a self-care strategy. I constantly collect a lot of details concerning my clients to make certain I have the ability come up with a rock-solid verdict that will be beneficial.

Communication Style in Nursing

Communication skill is important for health care experts, as they require to power people clearly recognize and act on their referrals. Directly, an assertive communication helps me to appear self-confident. High self-confidence preserves my setting without giving in to the demands of others (Flannery, 2018). At the same time, I do not control others by utilizing aggressive methods. Thus, my behavioral qualities are as follows: 1) Accomplish my goals without risks and also adjustments; 2) I can shield my civil liberties as well as guarantee that respect me; (3) I am responsible for all my choices; 4) I am interested in what I are entitled to. I have a tool quantity voice, and I possess a clear and polite speech. I have an open position as well as even gestures. I have got a neutral facial expression as well as I typically keep eye call. For that reason, I feel free working in an interdisciplinary team. I meticulously pay attention to them and ask you to do the exact same. If your specialists are opposite to mine, I am always prepared to reflect their ideas. I can make a critical support to my views and make certain that they are not neglected. Nevertheless, when I hold my position the communication might become impolite in some cases, this usually happens when someone do not accept my position. It can likewise make me look extremely certain or disadvantageous (Shukla, 2017). Even though there are individuals who see me as a conceited individual, I reflect the design of confident interaction to be the best alternative for a nurse.


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