Older Adults in Miami, Florida


The aggregate is older adults, whose age is between 60 and 80 years old, of the community of Miami, Florida. The geographical location is Miami Dade County, where the population of older adults is approximately 20% (“Community health assessment 2019 infographics,” 2019). The total population size of the given community is 2.7 million, which means that the aggregate size is equal to 540000 people (“QuickFacts: Miami-Dade County, Florida,” 2019). The city was originally inhabited by Native American Tequestas, who lived near the Miami River, which they called Mayaimi (“City of Miami history,” 2017). It was first visited by a European Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513, and later, the tribe became the target of Christians, who wanted to convert the local people in the religion.

However, it is important to note that the attempt was a failure because the majority of the tribe were killed by infections, such as small pox, which were brought by Europeans (“City of Miami history,” 2017). United States purchased Florida from Spain in 1819, which lead to a major war between the US and a tribe of Seminoles. In 1896, the railroad finally reached Miami, and in the same year, the city was incorporated with 444 citizens (“City of Miami history,” 2017).

In the case of basic vital statistics, Miami, Florida is mostly inhabited by Hispanic or Latino, who make up almost 70% of the total population, where African Americans are 17%, and Whites are 13% (“QuickFacts: Miami-Dade County, Florida,” 2019). Median household income is equal to $51347, and poverty is 15.7% (“QuickFacts: Miami-Dade County, Florida,” 2019). Therefore, one can argue that poverty values in the location are high.

The crude birth rate is equal to 60 per 1000 women, and the infant mortality rate is equal to 6 per thousand births. Life expectancy is around 80 years, and the leading cause of death is heart disease, which is followed by cancer (“Community health assessment 2019 infographics,” 2019). The particular aggregate is interesting because they represent the gaining population, which is estimated to double in the coming decade. In addition, the county has poor insurance coverage and high poverty rates, which is why it is concerning to have a growing aggregate under unwelcoming economic and healthcare metrics.

Windshield Survey

The condition of homes in the community is modern or appropriate, but poor conditions and old structures can be observed in poorer neighborhoods. The overall locations of the major parks are located near the center of the city, such as the city of Miami Parks and recreation department, and the condition is good. The amount of space between homes and businesses are varying, where near the central part of the city, the distance is preserved at a smaller range, and the given value is greater in residential areas. Neighborhood hangouts mostly have a decent infrastructure, which improves significantly near tourist-friendly areas. Transportation is represented by Metrorail and metro bus, which are two key modes of public transportation.

The overall quality of streets and sidewalks is also dependent on the region because poorer neighborhoods have infrastructure below normal standards, and such a region is a model city and Allapattah. However, the Miami Beach region’s sidewalks and streets are of outstanding quality and condition. The types of stores are mostly small shopping minimarkets and cafes, and the density of businesses is also dependent on the region.

For example, in Miami Beach, there are near a hundred various businesses in a small section of district road, whereas in model city, there are 2-10 businesses for the equivalent area. People in the community are mostly young people with ages ranging from 20 to 35, and thus, the observation does not represent the census data because older people might not be willing to be out in the streets as younger individuals.

The racial and ethnic background of local residents is predominantly Hispanic or Latino. Whites and African Americans are encountered almost at the same rate, which means that the census data is factual and correct. The communities are mostly well-cleaned and well-maintained, except for poor neighborhoods, such as the model city. Billboards are common on main highways, which mostly advertise a certain product or convey a message. In addition, the regions with better infrastructure have digital billboards, which present a series of ads. Protestant and Catholic churches are common in the community, and they are spread sporadically and equally across the entire city. The overall availability of all essential services is high because there are plenty of hospitals, social centers, recreation centers, and dentists, and doctors regardless of the neighborhood.


In conclusion, the selected aggregate are older adults aged between 60 and 80, and the location of the community is Miami city of Miami Dade County. The windshield assessment revealed the key elements of the community, where certain regions, such as model city, lack critical infrastructure with buildings in a poor condition, and other tourist-friendly places, such as Miami Beach, are well-maintained and well-cleaned. The disparity is evident since it does not take a large distance traveling to observe these evident differences. The aggregate is also less present outside, which is why it is common to see younger people.


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