Healthcare Potential of Flushing Community, New York

Health Resources and General Information: Back to the Basics

Unfortunately, Flushing does not have many health services to offer.

The Types of services available: health agencies, private MD and much more

  • Home Health Aid
  • Medical Social Help
  • Medicare
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Pathology (Flushing, NY home health care agencies, n. d.)

Despite the fact that the number of services provided by the Flushing Community healthcare services seems quite impressive, it is worth mentioning that Flushing lacks in healthcare organizations. At present, only three major healthcare organizations have been registered.

Pharmacy, health promotion and mental health: raising health awareness

A number of weight regulation programs have been conducted in Flushing over the past decade. For instance, the role of a Health Promotion Development Coordinator has been reconsidered recently. According to the latest updates, the salary of the Flushing HPDC has been increased considerably. It is worth stressing, though, that the given measure was taken to have someone fill the vacancy of an HPDC in the Flushing healthcare services.

School and occupational health services: taking care of children’s health

In Flushing, the emphasis is clearly on child health promotion; as reports say, in 2013, the first school to serve solely vegetarian food opened in Flushing (Lestch & Chapman, 2013, April 30). However, the Flushing authorities have also allowed for placing fast food services on school territory, which clearly contributes to childhood obesity. As reports show, however, childhood obesity is largely discussed during Flushing obesity meetups (Welcome, fitness enthusiasts!, 2013). As a result, efficient interventions are developed and new solutions are found regularly.

Official and voluntary services: when non-profit organizations are needed

Flushing Hospital Medical Center is considered the most famous for-profit health organization. In its turn, the Impatient Psychiatry Unit is the most famous non-profit health department.

Self health and support groups: keeping the hotline available

Flushing offers a number of support groups.

Service organizations and faith-based programs: in God we trust

The Christian Counseling program is the most well-known treatment program that is running currently in Flushing (Christian marriage counseling in Flushing, NY, n. d.).

Citizen Safety and Protective Services: Lending a Helping Hand

Flushing Community provides certain protection services for its members.

Police and fire: in case of fire, break glass

It is quite remarkable that the New York City Police Department is located in Flushing:

109th Precinct. 

Shelters for victims of abuse

Flushing Community offers the services of domestic abuse therapist; however, the community does not have any shelters to offer to abuse victims.

Others: neighborhood watch and the related issues

Neighborhood watch services have not been featured in Flushing either.

Boundaries, geographical, political, economic: major differences

Being a comparatively large village, the Flushing Community is located in the College Pont, Bowne park, Murray Heel, East Flushing, Queensboro Hill and Downtown Flushing.

Map of Queens
Map of Queens (n. d.). 

It is remarkable that the ethnographical boundaries of Flushing are quite different from the political ones, since the representatives of different cultures are spread unevenly across the communities (Chinese, Latinos, Americans, Native Americans, Puerto-Ricans, immigrants, etc.). The given specifics of the community create a number of obstacles in delivering efficient services because of the language barrier between the natives and the immigrant diasporas. In order to deliver information on health issues and spread awareness, awareness programs must be conducted in different languages, which is quite problematic.

Very small array
Very small array (2010). 

Housing and zoning: the right time and the right place

Since the use of land adopted in 1990s did not meet the modern standards, in 2010s, the Flushing authorities reconsidered their strategy and switched to the principle of community diversification (Hum, 2007).

Sign of decay: analyzing the possible future concerns

When taking a look at the health issues, however, one must note that the problem of children developing cavities in teeth seems to have becoming an issue (Jackson, 2012). The given problem can be attributed to the increased amount of sugar in food for infants.

Services for the Senior Citizens: Providing the Elderly with the Necessary Supplies

Flushing authorities clearly care about their senior citizens, providing the latter with the areas for recreation and specific services, including occupational therapy.

Parks and recreational areas

Recreation centers such as Corona Park (Flushing Meadows Corona Park, 2013) allow for the senior citizens to enjoy their free time.

Community Services Beyond City/State Aid: In Case of Emergencies

Accidents can happen, and the authorities of Flushing know it well. By using a well thought-out strategy, they are able to provide the local residents with the necessary supplies in case of an emergency.

Emergency: food, shelter, clothing

Created mostly on a voluntary basis, such emergency agencies as Flushing Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps (Fiscal year 2014 adopted extensive budget, 2013) offers food, shelter and healthcare services to those who have suffered in an accident.

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