Nurses in “The Last Ship” TV Show

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Plot prominence

The Last Ship is a TV show that has given nurses a dominant role in its plot. The show features a nurse whose effort saves the entire world from a deadly virus that had threatened to wipe out the entire human race. In this show, nurses are doing most of their activities although they are getting help from the rest of the crew.


The demography representation in this show varies from single to married nurses. However, it is noticeable that most of the nurses are young people below 35 years. Judging by this, one can easily assume that the nursing profession is for the young and pretty because the female nurses are very pretty and the male nurses are young and handsome.

Personality Traits

The personality traits presented in this show are different but they are characterized by a lot of power. Being a military vessel, it is unbelievable how the lead nurse manages to control the entire crew and how she manages to convince the soldiers on board to change their military mission and to assist her in her research.

Professional Competence

According to the representation of nurses in this show, nurses exhibit autonomous judgment and positive influence (Bonner & Vandecreek, 2006). It is by the nurses’ efforts in this show that the world was saved through vaccines made during a military cruise. The lead nurse carrying out the experiment worked very hard to convince the entire crew to support her research and in the end, she was able to save the world.

Nursing Education/Administration

In this case, nursing education and its hierarchy is not dominantly shown but at some point, Rachael Scott references her superiors in the profession. She admits that she was working under CDC’s command in ongoing research. Her mission was authorized by CDC and she was working hand in hand with the medical center. The other male nurse, Quincy, reports directly to Scott, which is a perfect display of hierarchy in the profession.

Nursing as a Profession

In this show, the nursing profession is displayed as an important and fulfilling career. As Scott and her teammate were getting closer to their breakthrough, they were so excited that they were on the path to save the world from a deadly virus. The way the movie shows and appreciates their success displays nursing as a very fulfilling and admirable profession. The nurses were treated with the utmost respect while onboard the ship and this is something to admire (Hanser, Mire, & Braddock, 2011).

Overall Assessment

In the Last Ship series, the portrayal of nursing is very positive. This is because the show portrays nurses as life saviors. The movie has also elevated nurses to a position of power because, in a military vessel, nurses were among the major decision-makers all the way. In the show, nurses have been portrayed as very important people and respectable members of society.

Strategies for Changing the Image of Nursing

The image of nursing can be transformed if the profession was given better functions in the film industry or any other work of art. If authors or producers are seen to disparage the nursing profession in their work, the best way to counterattack their misdemeanor is to protest on social platforms (Pope & Vasquez, 2007). Through this, negative publicity for their work will prompt them to be more careful when depicting the roles of nursing.


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