Motivational Interviewing for Weight Loss in Adults

In this article, the authors systematically review 19 studies on the role of motivational interviewing (MI) in weight loss among adult patients in a primary care setting. Focusing on the mentioned population, Barnes and Ivezaj (2015) identify 24 randomized controlled trials and behavior change as the intervention that was used in the studies. The findings of the article directly relate to the PICOT question as it involves the obese population and provides the significance of the implemented intervention.

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In particular, 37.5 percent of the studies reported essential weight reduction in the post-treatment period, and 54.2 percent stated that at least five percent weight loss was achieved. The level of evidence of this article may be identified as level I as data was collected from the well-organized controlled trials without randomization. More to the point, values were obtained from a range of high-quality scholarly researches that can be rated I or II evidence levels.

The results of the study by Barnes and Ivezaj (2015) are rather significant as they provide an integrated overview of the recent literature regarding MI in obesity reduction in adults. Considering that more and more people tend to overeat or have poor eating habits, thus jeopardizing their health, it is of great importance to identify useful instruments for their training and increase awareness.

The article will contribute to the proposed study serving as guidance to conduct a randomized controlled trial and interpret the findings that will be received subsequently. The article is also important to change practice by representing the evidence-based intervention to initiate transformation in the treatment of the specified population. In this connection, it seems to be necessary to employ this article in future research.


Barnes, R. D., & Ivezaj, V. (2015). A systematic review of motivational interviewing for weight loss among adults in primary care. Obesity Reviews, 16(4), 304-318.

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