Mild Depression Treatment Research Funding Sources

My project is a retrospective chart review titled “Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Mild Depression,” and it employs the following research question: in psychiatric patients with mild depression, what are the effects of psychotherapy on health compared with pharmacotherapy? The study does not require much money, and no funding sources are planned to be used for it. However, a couple of potential funding sources can be mentioned.

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In general, nursing research has multiple funding opportunities. Grants can be won based on the field of the proposed study (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, n.d.). Governmental funding is noteworthy. For example, the National Institute of Mental Health (n.d.) offers multiple grants and scholarship opportunities, as well as some advice on how to win them. Non-governmental organizations are also an option; for example, the American Nurses Foundation (n.d.a) supports nursing research through grants and also provides information about the most successful approaches to the application.

Both options are feasible for a depression-centered nursing project since the National Institute of Mental Health (n.d.) supports mental health research, and the American Nurses Foundation (n.d.a) helps both experienced and beginner nurse researchers.

Other sources can also be identified. (n.d.) presents an online database that can be used to find appropriate grants and scholarships. Specialized websites like, for example, the National Network of Depression Centers (n.d.) may contain grant alerts for specific fields of studies. However, grants are meant to cover research expenses (American Nurses Foundation, n.d.b). My project’s costs are virtually non-existent, and all the mentioned options are not needed for it. Still, I can use the gathered information about grants for future projects.


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