Locating Credible Databases and Research

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Evidence-based practice (EBP) approaches quality decision-making and nursing care based on personal clinical experience combined with the most up-to-date and relevant research possible on the topic. Quincke’s edema is an atypical reaction of the body, manifested by rapidly developing and increasing edema of the skin, mucous laminae, and subcutaneous fatty parenchyma. It occurs abruptly, develops spontaneously, and resolves just as quickly, with a tendency to recur. If the young nurse is insufficiently trained in managing this manifestation, it can lead to disastrous results for the patient. In the simulated situation, the inexperienced nurse is unsure how to prevent and treat Quincke’s edema properly. To properly implement EBP, nursing knowledge, patient preference, and multiple studies of evidence must be combined and used to develop an appropriate solution for the task at hand (Grove & Gray, 2019). This task will offer a consideration of the proper implementation of EBP in local nursing practice. In addition, a discussion of mentoring in nursing and teaching less experienced nurses how to practice EBP will be provided. This paper will also provide a list of quality resources that can be consulted for a specific nursing task.

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Communication Strategies to Encourage Diagnosis-Based Research

Mentoring, that is, training more inexperienced nurses by more experienced nurses, is a common practice in medical clinics. One of the most appropriate mentoring strategies, in my opinion, is training and practice (Boswell & Cannon, 2020). During training, young nurses can get the missing theoretical information. On the other hand, practice is the actual practice on a patient under the guidance of a more experienced nurse (Jian et al., 2018). Online lessons in which nurses can learn how to use tools to find relevant research for self-study are also suitable as a communication strategy.

The Best Places to Complete the Research

Qualitative source research should be conducted only on peer-reviewed databases. These may be local or state medical databases or libraries. Their advantage is that many different sources, from books to short articles, can be found there and sorted according to the desired query (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2018). A second helpful place to find credible sources is the websites of well-known medical journal publishers. They are good because they provide a narrower and more specific range of data and are easier to navigate. Finally, a nurse can find relevant information on search engines designed specifically for this purpose, such as Google Scholar or Jstor.

Identification of Five Sources for Evidence of Clinical Diagnosis

Based on the above guide to finding resources, five quality sources of information can be identified to help the inexperienced nurse navigate the question at hand. These resources are Cochrane Library, EMBASE: Excerpta Medica Database, the Egyptian Journal of Otolaryngology, Frontiers in Medicine Journal, and Eurasian Journal of Emergency Medicine. All of these resources are reliable sources of quality medical information. They can be used for self-education by both experienced and inexperienced nurses.

Explanation of Why the Sources Provide the Best Evidence

These resources are sources of authoritative and peer-reviewed medical research. The Cochrane Library is an independent collection of databases containing objective evidence on clinical treatment decisions. EMBASE, too, is an extensive database that provides access to pharmaceutical research conducted from 1974 to the present. The journals listed above provide access to the full text of many articles on medical topics, including specialized studies of Quincke’s edema. All of these resources offer verified and relevant information regarding any medical problem.


To summarize, mentoring in nursing can ensure quality care and avoid unpleasant consequences for the patient. One of the most common ways to mentor is through lectures and hands-on demonstrations. They enable less experienced nurses to gain theoretical and practical knowledge. To find relevant information regarding a little-known diagnosis, nurses can use open medical databases and journals that provide specialized information on the subject of interest.


Boswell, C., & Cannon, S. (2020). Introduction to nursing research (5th Ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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