Healthcare Industry Today and Its Key Drivers

What are the key drivers within the healthcare industry today for which HIT leaders must align their mission, vision, and strategy?

Nowadays, the healthcare industry finds itself in a rather turbulent environment, which shapes the decision-making process for HIT leaders. Some of the key industry-level drivers that should be taken into account include the need for cost control, the employment of innovation, and the ongoing requirement for the improvement of care, safety, and customer experience. Also, certain more specific trends should be acknowledged; for instance, patients are becoming increasingly interested in personalized care.

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The consideration of these drivers and trends is necessary for an organization to remain competitive and flourish in the rapidly changing market (TEDx Talks, 2014). As a result, their incorporation into the strategy, vision, and mission of HIT departments can help the latter to contribute to the success of their organization.

As you reflect upon Carolinas Healthcare System, what might be some strategic alignment initiatives of HIT Leaders in advancing the vision and mission?

The mission of the Carolinas HealthCare System (2017) is to “improve health, elevate hope and advance healing – for all,” and its vision is to become the “first and best choice for care” (para. 8-9). Due to the broadly defined mission and vision, a variety of strategic HIT initiatives can be aligned with them. The mission of advancing healing can be promoted through the continuous innovation led by the HIT leaders in a variety of areas, including, for instance, customer service.

The elevation of hope can be achieved through such initiatives as well; also, the proposal of HIT solutions to personalized care would be helpful for this element of the organization’s mission. The accomplishments in all these areas are likely to contribute to the improvement of health in the population; eventually, they facilitate the achievement of the organization’s vision. Therefore, the introduction of aligned HIT initiatives is likely to help the HIT department to contribute to the company’s success.


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