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Stanford Health Care site is an online platform worked out specifically to eliminate the obesity issue. The site provides explicit information on the cause of the disorder, its treatment strategies as well a detailed description of preventative measures. It also offers the key statistical data and a brief overview of the associated diseases (Obesity, 2015). One of the principal benefits of this web platform is that it might reach a wide scope of the targeted population: children, adolescents, and adults.

The site focuses on the wide-spread theory that obesity is, first and foremost, the result of the wrong eating habits and the lack of physical activity. As a result, the treatment guideline includes a series of recommendations concerning the improvement of a diet and daily exercising. It is critical to note that the theory eliminated at this platform is scientifically grounded. Thus, many authoritative sources tend to regard obesity as a condition caused by an unhealthy lifestyle rather than a disease (Earle, Lloyd, Sidell, & Spurr, 2007).

The relevant site might be successfully implemented in the campaign promoting a healthy lifestyle and obesity prevention among an age-diverse population. First and foremost, people might use it to calculate their Body Mass Index (BMI) and find out whether they have the relevant condition without addressing a doctor. Moreover, those people that suffer from obesity might find a detailed treatment plan, including an explicitly described diet, some advice on the training program, and recommendations on essential environmental changes. Moreover, the site provides direct access to the Stanford Bariatric Surgery Clinic that specializes in treating obesity.

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The site was created by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. It eliminates the problem of healthy eating and provides a variety of recommendations for people that want to improve their daily diet. The site offers some guidelines on choosing healthy products and combining them. It also provides some scientific data collected by the local research center that helps to enlarge one’s knowledge of the relevant problem. The targeted population that the relevant site might address can be represented by adults and young people who search for ways of making their life healthier.

The provided recommendations are based on the theory that eating habits can be improved with a help of the so-called “small changes”. Thus, it is advised to set eight eating goals such as increasing the number of fruit and vegetables, consuming more whole-grain products, switching to fat-free dairy products, focusing on lean protein foods, looking for lower sodium ingredients, replacing fizzy drinks with water, eating more seafood and cutting back on solid fats (How to eat healthy, n.d.). The principle benefit of the advanced theory resides in its simplicity. Thus, every average consumer can easily follow at least some of the recommendations.

The relevant online platform can be integrated into the program promoting healthy eating because it offers clear and concise solutions that are likely to be willingly accepted by the targeted population. Moreover, the site’s guests are also welcomed to contact the council members and receive individual instructions on a particular problem. There is also a series of health improvement programs that one might participate in by applying.

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