Discussion of Policy Connections

Discussion of Policy Connections

Healthcare is a popular topic that is of constant interest to the American public, the US population, and the media. It is difficult to find another topic that can compete with it. Each state has developed its model of healthcare, the features of which are reflected in the system of public administration in the field of healthcare and are connected with legislation, regulation, finance and practice. Health policy is in a direct connection with legislation, practice, regulations and finance.

US healthcare is a huge part of the American economy and finance, where opposing interests collide, sometimes harshly. The United States spends almost twice as much on health care as a percentage of its economy, compared to other industrialized countries. Almost 18% of GDP goes to healthcare purposes, the healthcare sector is the arena of acute political fights and clashes, fierce struggle, which is especially affected during election cycles (Shrank et al., 2019). Health care costs in the United States account for about twenty per cent of all government budget expenditures. In the country, de facto, there are no problems associated with the insufficient staffing of hospitals and clinics with modern equipment, as well as the low level of salaries of employees of medical institutions. In addition, there is a rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States; numerous studies are being conducted in the field of medicine and pharmacology.

In the United States of America, normative regulation in the field of healthcare is carried out at the federal and state levels. General issues of ensuring public health are reflected in the provisions of section 42 of the Code “Public Health and Welfare” (Legal Information Institute, n.d.). In particular, this section defines the legal status of the Public Health Service, as well as the general principles of the quality and accessibility of medical care in the United States.

The economic system and the health system are the two most complex systems in all countries. They are closely interrelated, both directly and indirectly. The healthcare system of the United States is constantly being improved and developed, thus it is closely connected with the financial side of the state. The health of the country’s population depends very much on the level and type of economic activity and economic policy. The level of health is also affected by the availability of effective health services, which depend on the distribution of both private and public resources of the country.

The global task of medicine is to improve the quality and duration of human life. That is why it is connected with such spheres of life as legislation, finance, regulation and practice. The health of people is a priority of any country. Each country strives to build the best and most equitable health care system that allows the population to be covered as much as possible with affordable high-quality medical services. Every society strives to determine the importance of the health of the nation by legislation at the state level.


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