Dental Profession and Its Aspects: Interview

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Dentistry is the branch of medicine that usually involves such processes as studying, diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases, disorders, different conditions of an oral cavity, etc. In the beginning, the description of such things makes some people nervous and feeling uneasy because it is hard to imagine a person working with an oral cavity of another person. However, as soon as the interpretation of a dentist’s functions and roles becomes more or less clear, it is not that scary and unpleasant to work as a dentist and be a person, who creates perfect smiles and fresh breath. Each person may have his/her reasons to become a dentist; still, there is one common reason for all dental professionals to be followed – a desire to provide people with a qualified portion of medical help and services.

A dentist is an individual, who diagnoses, treats, and offers prevention tips about the diseases and conditions of a mouth and teeth (oral cavity). A dentist is also called a dental surgeon as he may also perform surgery in the oral cavity areas. Those students, who get their majors and minors in dentistry in special medical schools, can either be dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, or dental therapists. They work together to achieve several dentistry goals and use private practices (primary care) or work in hospitals and institutions, like prisons and barracks (secondary care) to demonstrate their potential. In general, all of them make up a dental team. And I want to be a part of such a team and become a professional dentist, who loves this job and knows how priceless good medical services can be.

An interview with a dentist Razan Dashti helps me to understand the main functions of a dentist, enjoy the dynamics of a dental practice, and realize that my dream to be a dentist has certain grounds and powerful explanations. A dentist has several responsibilities including educating patients on oral care, offering prevention methods for dental diseases, treating the patients with dental caries and pyorrhea, diagnosing patients with dental conditions, and engaging in oral surgery procedures. A prescription of special dental medications that may have their consequences on patients is also a serious job a dentist has to cope with. Several functions and duties may be enumerated at once. Still, it is not the main aim of the current paper. This work has to explain why I want to be a dentist and how influential the interview with Razan Dashti was.

I was fascinated with being a dentist when I was around 10 years old when I got prices for my teeth at first. It was my usual checkup. I could not understand that earlier, still, a dentist remained to be an important person in human lives, who was appreciated less than he had to be. That was when I decided I had to deal with dentistry. Dentistry was the right choice for me as I came to spend most of my free time in the office of some orthodontist observing what he was doing. I said to myself that that was the kind of work best suited for me. Almost the same experience was described by Mr. Dashti, who discovered his passion for dentistry at 12 and used his visits to an orthodontist as the main background of his further decisions. He majored in biology learned a lot from the courses in dental. Then, the University of Virginia and the dental school at Virginia Common Wealth helped him to improve his knowledge and practice. The results were the graduation in 2002 and a 13-year-old practice as a professional local dentist.

Just like Mr. Dashti, I want to help people personally with dental problems in the community so that everyone can walk around with a smile on their faces every day. I want to be happy with everything I can do, and the example of my interviewer proves that it is possible. My traits and the readiness to study help me work with patients and other dentists and create a world full of beautiful smiles. Almost the same positive aspects of the job were introduced by the dentists interviewed. He explained that several personal and philosophical issues like the possibility to help patients with teeth problems and observe healthy smiles on their faces are the best explanations of why a person should want to be a dentist.

Mr. Dashti explains that being a dentist means being able to attend continuing education programs to improve professional skills and the skills of other members of a team as well. I want to be an important person in a community, who is respected for contributing to the general health uplift of the population as well as improving the lives of those around me. Razan Dashti’s 7-year-old practice as a general dentist helps to realize that being an orthodontist is his main goal to be achieved. It makes him able to help people from different perspectives and offer the best and, what is more important, qualified services for reasonable prices. Yes, prices turn out to be another important point for consideration. People should have a chance to buy medical services in case of emergency and be sure not to be cheated. My goal is to find a balance between the services of a good dentist and the appropriate prices that have to be fixed. People with teeth problems should experience any other kinds of problems at the same time. They have to be provided with insurance that their health is in good hands.

By advising the patients on how to maintain strong teeth, I also indirectly boost their confidence and make them happy. As a dentist, I would want to see all my patients happy as they go on with their daily lives. However, this will only happen if they consider my pieces of advice and realize how crucial the health of their mouths can be.

In general, the role of dentists remains to be crucial indeed. And those people, who comprehend this truth, can achieve good results with their work. Professional dentists know that they have to offer more even if they receive backless. The dentists, who are responsible for diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral diseases, are useful for a society as they are even required in such areas as disaster management and water supply zones. There are many reasons why I want to be a dentist and devote my life to the sphere of medicine. Still, the most crucial point of my future profession is to be able to help people in need and offer the best medical services that cannot be offered by ordinary people. Human life is full of unexpected challenges and problems with health, and my cherished dream is to decrease at least the number of problems with teeth and oral cavity and help people be better and happier.

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