Advanced Education in General Dentistry

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Today, dental care is considered a luxurious health-related field, but not equally important as health care. I believe that dental care facilities are the most medically sophisticated care options, and with the dental care shortage and high prices, they are in great demand. For most poor immigrants, dental care is a dream which never comes true. In recent years, the lack of professional and affordable dental care for poor families becomes a burden for the government and insurance companies unable to fully cover the costs.

I have a great desire to attend this course because its curriculum and programs represent a unique mixture of theoretical guides effectively applied to the practice field that will have a great impact on immediate and future success in my professional education. I understand clearly well that this school opens doors to many opportunities for career growth not otherwise available.

Taking into account the personal experience and experience of people who could not afford dental care, I believe that a new system for low-income people, I am going to introduce, is an urgent need. I was really upset when knew that my father had to pull his teeth out because my family could not afford dental care for a long time. If people were not in the situation, they would never understand how painful it is. I see that the future of professional dental care is to do things like a mobile-dentist system that visits poor neighborhoods and elementary schools in low-income areas to provide basic dental care for free.

My intention to become a qualified dental care professional is not accidental. Dental care is a profession that requires specialized knowledge and skills. As I grew up both in the Korean and Argentine communities, I know how to get along with Koreans who share the biological and cultural backgrounds with me, and Hispanics who share the cultural background with me. Also, it is my family’s greatest desire that I accomplish this program and achieve my high aims.

I will be able to cope with school demands by being well prepared, motivated, and committed to pursuing this degree. My personal attitude towards this matter will help me to overcome all possible difficulties, and the experience that I have will be a great support to me in mastering this program. I really want the dreams of my family and poor people to come true.

I hope that advanced education in general dentistry will help me to provide patients with excellent services and dentate care. Dental services should be more readily available if the aged are to use them. Nurses could render a valuable service to older persons by referring them to a specific dentist who will encourage the development of an ongoing relationship with the older patient. Dental care may be hindrances to rural living, yet rural elders are more likely to describe themselves as satisfied with their situation. Although rural people may have fewer agency supports, they often have strong social supports sustained through family, church, and neighbors.

I choose to go to that advanced program because it proposes a non-traditional friendly atmosphere combined with the highest standards in this field of science and education. The notion of quality of life is a popular one; many see it as a highly important if not central consideration when making life and death decisions. Once it is identified that a person is in a state of pain which can be observed and described ‘objectively’ and that the pain in question is evaluated negatively by that person, and attending nurse will be in a relatively strong position to assert that interventions aimed at alleviating pain ought to take priority in that situation. Advanced education in general dentistry will help to improve my knowledge and skills, and a professional dentist.

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