Alzheimer’s and Dementias Diseases in Miami

Community Resources for Professionals and Clients

  • Caring for You #1 ALF Inc – providing care for seniors;
  • close supervision of patients’ daily activities;
  • wandering and exit-seeking behaviors prevention;
  • physical and speech therapy provided by visiting professionals;
  • Golden Girls Home Inc. – similar services for the same group of patients;
  • activities helping the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia stay active;
  • respite care and medications.

There are more than 70 facilities providing care for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia in Miami (PRC, 2013). There are also a lot of jobs for memory care professionals in these units. For example, Caring for You #1 ALF Inc. is a community center offering this type of care to the elderly. Staff members closely supervise patients 24 hours a day to ensure that they attend to all the necessary activities (eating, toileting, grooming, etc.).

The property is secured, which makes it possible to accept residents who tend to wander. The safety system alerts the staff (trained to manage exit-seeking attempts) if the patient crosses the border. The center serves vegetarian food. Residents receive physical and speech therapy on-site (provided by visiting therapists) (“Care homes for dementia,” 2017).

Golden Girls Home Inc. is another community center rendering similar services. Besides standard care programs, there are also activities that help the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia stays active. The staff is trained to address potential disorientation. Respite care and medications are offered (“Care homes for dementia,” 2017).

Website Resources for Professionals and Clients

  • the Alzheimer’s Association – supporting people with dementia;
  • helpline working 24 hours, online message boards;
  • Alzheimer’s Navigator determining patients’ needs and creating a plan;
  • MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return helping in cases of emergency;
  • Alzheimer Research Forum – a source for professionals;
  • a comprehensive description of the disease;
  • disease management recommendations.

The Alzheimer’s Association ( is a website that operates on a global level to support people suffering from all kinds of dementia. The professional helpline works 24 hours a day to give advice on the topic. The site also features online message boards. The information is divided into three groups covering three stages of the disease (early, middle, and late). Alzheimer’s Navigator (a free online tool) assists in determining patients’ needs and creating a personalized action plan. MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return helps those who have a medical emergency or disorientation.

Alzheimer Research Forum ( is a source providing a comprehensive description of the disease, including prognosis data, prevalence statistics, affected parts of the brain, and associated behavior characteristics. There are a FAQ section and a section devoted to disease management recommendations (including tests, therapies, and drugs). The information is meant for health care researchers and professionals but may also be used by families of patients.

  • Memorial Healthcare System – the leading hospital providing medical services in South Florida;
  • famous for its high-quality neurology services;
  • Brain Health and Memory Center (for the affected);
  • working to stop, slow, or reverse the progression of the disease;
  • providing support to families;
  • using advanced methods of treatment.

Memorial Healthcare System is the leading hospital that provides medical services in South Florida. The hospital is one of the biggest in the country. It is famous for its highly competent neurologists working in Memorial Brain Health and Memory Center created for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to prevent their cognitive decline. The major goal of the center is to stop, slow or reverse the progression of the disease and support families of affected individuals. (“Specialist to lead memory center,” 2016). The center is committed to using only up-to-date methods of therapy, prevention, and treatment.


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