Adult Learning and Cognitive Field Theories in Nursing

The group consisting of individuals with diverse characteristics of their age, occupation, and cognitive abilities should be trained in a specific way that presupposes the utilization of all the learning theories. For instance, adult learning theory becomes critical for the provision of materials to the elderly as they have their unique peculiarities that should be considered to ensure that all information will be understood appropriately (McEwen & Wills, 2014). In nursing, the theory is applied while working with aged individuals and educating them about the peculiarities of the prescribed medications and their dosage.

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Another theory widely applied in the nursing practice is the cognitive field framework. It assumes that there are multiple factors impacting motivation levels in individuals. For example, there are many attempts to motivate health specialists to work with a higher level of commitment, including rewards and opportunities for professional growths (Smith & Parker, 2015). These efforts are introduced to motivate employees to show better results and help to attain desired outcomes.

Altogether, developmental and behavioral theories are also essential aspects of nursing as they help to find individual approaches to every individual by considering his/her current needs and peculiarities. For this reason, their utilization is fundamental for every nurse who is focused on achievement and successful interventions. It becomes evident that the goal can be attained only if all existing factors are considered and appropriate theories are applied to every situation.


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