Institute of Medicine on Professional Development

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It is apparent that the continuous development of the nursing profession in general, as well as the personal progress of every particular nursing professional, is of considerably high importance. The knowledge, which is obtained from scientific research, usually serves to translate into evidence-based practice. One of the better examples of government publications that have a significant impact on nursing practice is the Institute of Medicine’s 2010 report, which was published in 2011. This paper aims to elaborate on the primary aspects of the report in the context of its relevance to nursing practice.

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Summary of the Primary Messages about the Nursing Practice

There are four key messages, which are outlined in the first section of the report. Apparently, they are considered as highest priorities by the authors. The first message is that nurses should practice to the maximum extent of their education and training levels (“Key messages,” 2011). Secondly, the current levels of education and training should be continuously increased by participation or investigation of academic works (“Key messages,” 2011).

Thirdly, nurses should build their practice on a strong partnership with other healthcare professionals (“Key messages,” 2011). Finally, in order to efficiently plan the workforce and implement policies, it is essential to employ the best data collection methods (“Key messages,” 2011). The significance of these messages for nursing practice is apparent since they provide concise and comprehensive guidelines for contemporary nurses. Also, these messages serve as the basis for the development and elaboration of the most important aspects of the report.

Discussion of the Impact of the Report on Nurse Leadership and Education

Considering the influence of the report on such important areas of concern as nurse leadership and nurse education, it is possible to observe that the report has a highly positive impact. It is also critical to mention that both leadership and education sections are extended elaborations on the key messages of the report, the second and third for education and leadership, respectively (“Transforming education,” 2011; “Transforming leadership,” 2011).

Bachelor in Science of Nursing (BSN) healthcare workers’ benefits are evident since the completion of the BSN program allows the nurse to be a leader that can transform the practice for the better. The importance of an appropriate education for the fulfillment of the leader’s responsibilities is highly significant.

Meeting the Needs of Aging and Increasingly Diverse Populations

The question of meeting the health needs of such population groups as aging people or individuals from various ethnic and racial backgrounds is also one of the most important aspects of working toward an improved healthcare system (“Transforming practice,” 2011).

In the context of this question, it is appropriate to link this challenge to the first key messages formulated as the basis of the report. Since the aging population continues to change over time as the newer generations become older, the nursing skills and abilities should also evolve (“Transforming practice,” 2011). Accordingly, due to the apparent variety of social values and cultural backgrounds of people from the diverse population group, specific health needs should be adequately met by the contemporary nurse (“Transforming practice,” 2011).

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The Significance of Professional Development

Professional development, also referred to as lifelong learning, is an integral part of providing high-quality care. In particular, it should be mentioned that in the context of caring for people from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, the importance of professional development increases drastically (“Transforming practice,” 2011). The primary reason is that within the lifespan of people from diverse population groups, the health needs of these people evolve (“Transforming practice,” 2011). Additionally, the circumstances of their life could change as well as their social context (“Transforming practice,” 2011). Accordingly, the relevance of professional development is determined by the fact that it allows setting the highest standards of care supported by evidence-based guidelines.

The Effective Management of Patient Care

The overall development and evolution of patient care management are critical for the overall improvement of the health care system. It could be stated with certainty that the system is going through continuous changes, and thus it is essential for nurses to keep up with this development through education and reading of academic works (“Transforming practice,” 2011). Thus, nursing professionals will be able to efficiently manage their working hours in order to provide the maximum amount and quality of care (“Transforming practice,” 2011). It is mentioned in the report that, in order to improve their patient care management, nurses should implement the following: technological advancement, communication skills, being able to adapt to changing circumstances of the nursing profession (“Transforming practice,” 2011).


In conclusion, it should be primarily stated that the report under consideration represents an immensely important document for the healthcare system of the United States as the report impacts the system as a whole as well as every particular participant of this system. Therefore, a set of comprehensive guidelines is developed within the report so that it could guide each aspect of the nursing profession aspect. This paper discussed four key messages formulated in the introductory part of the report. It is found that leadership and education are the most important factors for transitioning academic knowledge into evidence-based practice.


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