XYZ: Care Setting Environmental Analysis

The analysis aims at identifying the dream and discovery phases of the “Appreciative Inquiry and SWOT analysis” of the XYZ medical healthcare facility. AI refers to an exceptional approach that analyzes current practices and strategies to enhance positivity and form an environment that inspires values and discovers potentials. For excellent environmental analysis, we are required to recall past experiences. The Discovery phase allows members to share experiences that bring about collective meaning and motivation. The dream phase enables professionals to think about the changes or possibilities that positively impact clients, organizations, and employees. XYZ health center conducted interviews with its workers and narrated their stories related to working conditions. The participating staff involved the administration, nurses, and physicians contributing to 89 percent of the workers. According to the employees, the organization recognizes diversity, inclusion, and promotes leadership training to improve their skills. Besides, XYZ center is expected to have a safety committee within two to five months to train and execute safety procedures and protocols.

Qualities and Skills that Promote Leadership in Health Care Organizations

Leaders must have high-quality leadership skills to drive their healthcare organizations toward success. XYZ healthcare realizes the significance of engaging all its personnel in the roles of leadership. A particular nurse at the center revealed that every healthcare nurse could lead the team in their respective area since the hospital’s management ensures that it offers them chances to develop leadership skills. It was found that all the team leaders had a high quality of leadership skills.

The communication skills of the staff were highly rated in the XYZ healthcare setting. Excellent communication skills lead to a great understanding between the subordinates and their leaders, and between employees and the management. The XYZ staffs are as well trained to have the skills of team building. The group conferences that were done to get information for the contemporary research discussion showed no single staff member dominated others during the conversation, implying that all had excellent team-building skills. The hospital also allows its employees to be part of management meetings to give their views on policies.

Strategies that Lead to High-Performing Health Care Teams

XYZ Healthcare contains many units, such as the emergency section, which provides good services to all patients. The doctors in the facility are highly experienced and deliver excellent services to their patients. XYZ health facility has been serving the multicultural society since the year 2002. Patients of the center depend on its screenings, nutritional education, laboratory services, pharmacy, and preventive care. The facility has several specialists specializing in weight management, cardiology, obstetrics, endocrinologist, and gastroenterology. Fifteen percent of the personnel disagreed with the SWOT analysis and called for additional staffing that is required. The facility needed to employ more physicians to deal with the increased number of patients. An area of concern within the sector is the lack of doctors to offer various services. The primary mission of XYZ hospital is to provide high-quality services to its patients. It is essential to find a solution to such a concern to continue being successful in society.

XYZ’S SWOT Analysis

XYZ positively impacts the society it serves and therefore has various organizational strengths. According to Ansari et al. (2018), the facility’s strengths are among the most satisfactory in the area. SWOT refers to the strategic planning that permits the management to decide whether the main issues the organization faces revolve around the need to advance the strategy implementation.


Offering compassionate care: the facility’s mission includes providing the best services to all patients who visit the facility. As Charalambous et al. (2018) note, “compassion is an ability to identify and to respond to other individuals suffering” (p. 128). Facilitating the provision of empathy to patients by the medical staff who tend to be paraprofessionals and professionals is a significant reason why the societal members continue to prefer to receive medical services in XYZ hospital.

Highly qualified medical personnel in the facility are highly skilled, making the healthcare center the best choice for the provision of patient-centered care. The institution has a very intricate hiring process to ensure that it employs highly qualified doctors that can help the health care center to achieve its mission and vision. Such strength is a significant factor that distinguishes XYZ from other regional facilities.


XYZ facility contains a few weaknesses that can impact its performance in various ways. One of the most crucial weaknesses is the high cost of the service. Because the facility has been active for numerous years, the high-cost issue should have been addressed a long time ago. The services require to be offered at an affordable price. Besides, the facility has a limited number of personnel. Because of this fact, some patients tend to have worse medical conditions, and more specialists must care for them.


Numerous medical facilities in the area lack services offered in the XYZ facility, and therefore, many individuals travel long distances to obtain efficient services from XYZ. Some of the benefits include gynecological services and cancer treatment, which are effectively provided by highly qualified medical personnel. Taking advantage of such a gap, XYZ can start more branches to bring the services closer to people within the region.


Threats are the hindrances that block the path of achieving success and accomplishing set objectives. The only major XYZ threat is the novel emerging facilities, which can cause negative patient outcomes. Numerous new facilities have been striving to invest in new inventions and medical technology, trying to be at the same level as XYZ. Such a threat signifies the most severe risk that XYZ might face in the future.

Comparison of Approaches

The organization’s outcomes in applying appreciative inquiry (AI) are dissimilar when an individual uses SWOT analysis. Firstly, SWOT analysis tends to have a lessened engagement level when compared to AI. Appreciative inquiry gathers information by questioning individuals on organizational weaknesses (Schutt, 2018). AI also considers all the questions, which is not the case when it comes to SWOT analysis. Nonetheless, AI concentrates more on particular areas, while SWOT analysis mainly focuses on general issues.

Analysis of Relevant Leadership Characteristics and Skills

Cultural, Ethical and Regulatory Considerations to Leadership Decision-Making

Cultural, ethical, and regulatory considerations for leadership decision-making are required to help the healthcare team address various competing values such as communal, professional, and organizational values (Jang et al., 2017). Individuals involved in decision-making processes must consider ethical principles and regulatory considerations, including beneficence, autonomy, justice, organizational, professional, moral codes, and standards. Various factors have played a role in growing concern in the XYZ organization over cultural and ethical issues. Such issues include affordability, patient safety, and medical technology, which complicate leadership decision making. Therefore, competent leaders within the facility can solve the numerous problems of the organization’s complex ethical dilemmas. However, the leaders cannot make such decisions alone and without a sound decision-making procedure. Therefore, the leaders should use a comprehensive and systematic strategy to address cultural and ethically challenging issues.

Communication with the Stakeholders for Collaborative Partnerships

Stakeholders signify one of the most significant variation approaches that play a crucial role in collaborative healthcare partnerships and inclusive work settings. Stakeholders also promise to energize the sector’s quality management through their effort for the organization’s success. Whatever the facility’s situation, the stakeholders’ first step is to identify and disclose the circumstance’s optimistic capacity (Beattie & Bartoli, 2020). The stakeholders’ primary objective is to emphasize and highlight all the necessary factors that lead to the organization’s success. Therefore, the leadership of the XYZ facility should focus on viewing and comprehending things in a new way to create inclusive work settings.


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