Violations of Patient Privacy Information by Hospital Health Workers

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Definition of the Problem

Inside the medical environment, a variety of challenges may occur during the course of work, resulting in a lack of regard for the intended communities’ well-being. Some of these issues may be avoided if preventative actions were taken.

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However, some of the problems occur with little or no warning or indicators, resulting in widespread health impacts among the general public. The emergence of such issues has a negative impact on the target’s health as well as the underlying societies.

Identification of the Problem to Be Addressed

There has been situations where the confidential information on patients have been accessed by health workers authoritatively. This has resulted into this sensitive information to be accessed by unwanted parties. The issue has resulted in the increase in cases of discrimination and abuse which has affected the patients emotionally and physically. This project will discuss the effect of violation of patient’s privacy information in the society.

The Setting of the Problem

The problem mainly occurs in health institutions such as hospitals and dispensaries.

It can also occur in the community especially in a case where community member who is a worker in the hospital can spread the information (Kelly, 2019). Social media can also spread sensitive information about a patient health especially if the patient involved is a celebrity or is popular. The patient’s violations can occur in many settings as long as there is existence of health institutions.

The Proposal to Address the Problem

This issue could be approached in a number of ways. The first strategy requires formulation of a forum for teaching young individuals about the disease’s development and the elements that cause it. Understanding the basic causes will be critical in developing the best strategy for dealing with the mounting dangers to fitness and well-being (Armstrong, 2017).

The development of an academic curriculum will aid in the dissemination of factual data on the emergence, hazards, and health conditions of insulin in younger generations.

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By providing this intervention, it is feasible to include a wider group in the activity rather than just youngsters, so improving the overall standard of health in community.

Nursing Interventions to Prevent Falls in the Elderly

  • Educate the aged about their surroundings.
  • Teach how to utilize a call light with the old.
  • Keep the notification light close at hand.
  • Maintain the personal items of the aging population within easy reach.
  • Showers, cabins, and corridors for the elderly should all have solid supports.

Ethical Concerns Relating to the Problem

The protection and secrecy of the procedure, information, and users are the key ethical concerns.

The failure to provide a space for improved privacy and transparency within the collection of data and modeling procedures jeopardizes the situation’s ethics (Bertino, 2020). It is critical to analyze the regulatory and legal frameworks in each nation when evaluating the issues of individuals with diabetes.

Legal Concerns Relating to the Problem

Legal concerns have been raised in current history about the use of methods and techniques that aim to give tailored health check – ups. The use of technologies such as prospective genetic screening has been the main source of worry. These indicators have been linked to a variety of benefits, including the ability to forecast the onset of diabetes and the control of present adverse outcomes related to diabetes.

Regulatory Concerns Relating to the Problem

There are presently no statutes that allow people with diabetes for disability allowance (Grover, 2017). These people suffer for long and when those with disability are being recognized those with diabetes are left out. These people need to considered disabled and be prone to government assistance when it comes to helping the disabled.

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The Rationale of Choosing the Problem

The issue was chosen after a thorough examination of the main challenges that may influence the nation’s future generations in terms of health. The present institutions’ incapacity to make way for new instances of diabetes in teenage people put the next era at danger.

Recommendations to Promote a Better Care Related to the Problem

  • The government is reccommended to recognize those with diabetes as disabled. The society need to be educated on how to live with diabetic patients.
  • Nurses should be taught the importance of taking special care to patients living with diabetes.
  • The patients also need to be made aware of their rights and hold the authority to report any health worker who is caught exposing their health information.


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