Transitional Leadership Role in Healthcare Setting

Introduction and Problem

Proper teamwork is essential in nursing practice, and it requires appropriate transitional leadership. Transitional leadership is an evidence-based approach, which aims at guiding the followers and implementing new care strategies. However, the nature of this model requires further, more detailed exploration. The purpose of the report is to examine the role of transitional leadership in health care

Clinical Questions/PICOT

In the clinical environment, will transitional leadership be an effective model, as compared to other approaches to leadership?

Data Analysis

Relevant literature was analyzed to determine possible tendencies in terms of leadership style. Data revolved around the issue of transitional leadership in the context of teamwork in health care. The primary ideas from the literature were condensed and utilized in research.

The research relied on qualitative data. It consisted of in-depth study analysis, during which correlations between leadership styles and team performance were determined. Relevant ideas were systemized and presented in the form of theoretical conclusions within this qualitative study.


The qualitative design of the study yielded substantial results. The very idea of effective teamwork has been proved to be empowering in the context of nursing (Weintraub & McKee, 2019). It encouraged health care professionals to deliver high-quality, personalized services to patients.

Quality teamwork is attained and promoted through effective leadership models, and the transitional approach is one of them. It has been determined that proper collaboration with other professionals allows nurses to execute their duties in a professional manner (Sfantou et al., 2017). As teamwork motivates personalized care, it corresponds to the patient-centered model of health care delivery, which dominates today’s practice.

In this regard, transitional leadership is highly useful, as it Promotes effective teamwork among nurses. According to the studies examined in this project, transitional leadership enables higher levels of interprofessional collaboration and leads to better results for the entire team (Weintraub & McKee, 2019). In addition, such a model is considered to reduce professional burnout (Hughes, 2018). Therefore, transitional leadership is a highly effective approach, as it responds to today’s challenges in the field of nursing.

The examined articles provide valuable insight into the nature of transitional leadership in nursing. The model’s effectiveness is shown, making it a viable choice in the discussed context. However, further studies are required to determine particular tactical steps for leaders.


The transitional model of leadership is a powerful instrument in the context of health care and nursing. Its wider implementation will promote effective teamwork and enhance patients’ experience at health care facilities.


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