The Improvement of the Quality and Length of Life

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There is no use denying the fact that the modern age could be called the era of humanism as a human being is proclaimed to be the greatest value which should be protected. Having realized the great importance of every individual, society initiated various programs oriented on the increase of the level of conscience of people and creation of the environment in which human life will be taken as the most valuable treasure. Under these conditions, the question of the quality of human life and its length also becomes extremely vital. Due to the above-mentioned shifts in the public opinion, the healthcare sector nowadays faces the new challenge which lies in the significant improvement of the public health.

Besides, it should be said that despite the great attention given to the issue of public health nowadays, it is impossible to say that its level has increased significantly (Turkal, 2012). Blistering development of science and various technologies were expected to contribute to the development of the given sector and help to achieve the unique results. However, according to the latest researches, it is still early to state the significant improvement of the quality and length of life (Turkal, 2012). There are obviously some positive results, which help to improve the situation in a certain sphere, thus, these cases are isolated and the whole sector remains almost unchanged. That is why, the necessity of actions which could contribute to the improvement of public health becomes obvious.

Nevertheless, there are several strategies that could be taken as rather efficient and could improve the state of public health significantly. First of all, the practice of the obligatory medical inspections should be introduced. The fact is, that the great number of various diseases, which do serious harm to the health of a person, could be treated in case they are diagnosed at the first stages of their development. However, very often people go to the hospital when it is late and no treatment could be provided. With this in mind, it is possible to predict that implementation of the practice of obligatory medical inspections could lead to the significant improvement of the quality of life of people, helping to determine the disease and treat it.

Besides, it should also be said that another factor, which influences the state of the public health and leads to the deterioration of the image of the whole sector, is the low availability of medical services. The fact is that the traditional practice of medical insurance turns out to be inefficient under modern conditions as there are many people who do not have it and who are not able to obtain some important medical services. Statistics shows that there is about 15% of people who lives without the medical insurance in the USA (Health Insurance Coverage, n.d). It is obvious, that this fact has the great negative impact on the state of public health. That is why, the existing system should be reorganized according to the pattern that will guarantee access to public services to all people.

However, it is obvious that people are also responsible for the deterioration of the state of public health. The fact is that in last several decades there has been the great shift in the way of living (Strategies for Improving Minority Healthcare Quality, n.d.). Blistering development of digital technologies has the great impact on the health of people as they suffer from the lack of activity and food supplements. There is also a great number of other factors that lead to the development of some harmful habits that promotes the evolution of various diseases. With this in mind, it is possible to say that people should be informed about the aftermath of their lifestyle and shown the example of useful habits that could help them to remain healthy.

Finally, it is obvious that much attention should be given to the investigations in the sphere of medicine. Digital revolution provided a great number of various remedies and tools that could be used to achieve some needed result. That is why, another step which could lead to the improvement of the public health is the continuation of the investigation of various diseases and the attempt to find new and efficient treatment. Moreover, one should understand the fact that these investigations demand great investments, that is why, the pattern according to which the financing of the given sphere is organized should be reconsidered.

Thus, resting on the above-mentioned facts, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. It is obvious that the sphere of healthcare is of great importance nowadays. Having proclaimed people to be the greatest value, society has to take care of them and guarantee the quality and length of their life. That is why, nowadays much attention is given to the healthcare sector. However, the great progress is not achieved. That is why some strategies, like the increase of the availability of medical services or introduction of obligatory medical inspections, could be suggested in order to achieve the desired goal.


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